Residential In-Floor Heating Ducts


There has been some debate on the best way to distribute heat inside of an RV, and we'd like to set the record straight, literally. All Keystone RVs use straight-run ducting systems that connect to floor vents, typically in low traffic areas. In-floor ducting both more efficient and secure than using flexible "dryer" ducting — which is why builders use the exact same design in your home.

Here are three reasons why Keystone RV uses in-floor ducting rather than ducting through cabinets:

  1. More efficient. Straight-run ducting means uninterrupted air flow which maintains air velocity and keeps your RV warmer. Flexible ducting bends airflow and creates turbulence, reducing the efficiency with which warm air moves from the furnace and into the coach.
  2. Keep your cabinets for storage. As everyone knows, storage is king when it comes to RV camping. Keystone lets owners keep cabinets for storage and the heating ducts in the floor where they belong.
  3. Build integrity. Running the air ducts in the floor keeps ducting safe and secure, surrounded by the frame and floor. Flexible "dryer" ducting in cabinets is vulnerable to being crushed and detatched, not the choice one would make for a build that is meant to last.