Brand Ambassadors

Meet Keystone's Brand Ambassadors and learn how they Camp Better™.

Keystone partners with owners that embody and continue to define what it means to Camp Better. These RVers were selected for how they lead, inspire, and show up in the camping community we love. We hope that you see a little of yourself here too!

Kindness. We double-down on everyday kindnesses. From small gestures to grand ones, each of us has the capacity to change another person's day for the better.

Community. We welcome everyone to the camping community. Now more than ever, we are generous with our friendship, acceptance, and love.

Planet. We protect our planet. As people who spend more than our fair share of time outside, we have a unique opportunity do our part to respect and nurture the natural environment.

Follow these families as they share their tips, tricks, and journeys in their Keystone RVs. Be sure to follow @KeystoneRV on Facebook and Instagram!

Crazy Family Adventure

We are Crazy Family Adventure, Bryanna, Craig and 4 kids Carson, Melia, Cannon and Knox! We lived and traveled full time in our RV from 2014 to 2022 so we could live life on our terms and explore the world! We now live in Wisconsin and travel in our 2023 Arcadia 248SLRE whenever possible. We are an outdoor adventure family who likes to get out and hike, climb and explore new places. While also visiting cities to learn about the culture and history of the area through activities and food!

Lanes Less Traveled

Derek and Lindsay bought their first Keystone RV and hit the road in late 2018. They were so busy doing all the things for family of 7 that the most important thing- intentional time together- was getting lost in the busyness of life. So, they sold their newly renovated house on 10 acres in north east Texas and hit the road for a life reset! They traveled full time until June 2020 when they decided to buy a homebase outside Nashville. They have continued RVing about 6 months of the year as they split time between their homebase in Nashville, Tennessee and being on the road with their 3 children, Audrey, Owen and Everett. Join along on their adventures in a 2023 Montana High Country 381TB.

Miles From Missouri

Brad & Jess are High School sweethearts, and have been married for nearly 15years! They live on their family farm in rural Missouri with their two girls, Jordyn & Zoey, their chocolate lab Chip & 2 cats. Adventure has been calling their names for some time – and in 2021 they decided to take the leap & explore all this diverse country has to offer! In 2022 they purchased their first camper - a Keystone Springdale 2820BH & have been traveling the US ever since!

RV Hideout Adventures

We are Jessica, Frank, Sophia & Nathan. We are a full time RV family from Ogden, UT. Together we travel the country in our Keystone Hideout 318BR. After 7 years of living in Ogden, Utah, I decided that the best plan of action for our family was to follow my husbands work. What an adventure that would be! I planned for several months how I could make this dream of mine come true. Watched several small living documentaries & started to follow other full-timing families. Frank is a Journeyman Bricklayer and has traveled all over the USA, because of his type of work he’s always traveling. So of course it was a no brainer to make this transition!

Dash of Adventure

We are Shylah and Charity, our adventure started when we left our home state of Maine to escape the daily rat race & pursue a life we desired & to create as many memories as we can with our 2 daughters, Jolee & Jett! Back in 2009, we ventured across the country on a 3 week road trip that left a big impact. So last spring, when the idea popped up to start RV life, we both knew that’s exactly what our family was needing. Just 4 months from discussing the plan, we closed on our home & set off with our kids, 4 dogs & 2 kitties for a new life adventure with our new Keystone Outback 302UBH!

Our Barefoot Travel

As a family of 7, Andrea and Tab decided to give their family the experiences of a lifetime.  After feeling trapped in the rat race and watching their children grow up quickly, they decided to sell almost everything and travel full-time in their Avalanche 390DS.    In 2020, they began sharing their stories on the road, so other large families would know they too can do this.  Sharing unlimited adventures and time with their 5 children is something they will never regret.  This lifestyle isn’t easy but it is always worth it.

Us and the Mutts

Sharing their love of exploring, Chad and Lindsey have been traveling full-time with their 2 kiddos and fur babies Ollie and Tucker for over 2 years now. They are not new to this lifestyle as they have been RVing for over 8 years enjoying the freedom of RV life and showing their kids the world. Learning to roll in their Bullet 287QB, they go with the punches of weather, changed plans, and desire changes. Not sweating the little stuff, they know that once they get to their next destination, it is all worth it!

The Flipping Nomad

You likely know Cortni by the name of her business, The Flipping Nomad. Her and her business partner Patti (who also happens to be her Mom!) renovate RVs. This flipping duo customizes RV interiors for clients and tailors the functionality and interior design to be exactly what the client wants. Early on in the business, the two recognized that they wanted to be working with RVs that had good bones and that was built right. After a lot of research, they made the Keystone Montana fifth wheel their brand of choice. In 2019, Keystone RV Company and The Flipping Nomad teamed up to build the Ultimate Montana together. The mission of this one-off Montana was to push the limits and blow the roof off of everything that had been known in the RV industry before.

Jack and Cheryl

Weekend warriors Jack and Cheryl have been enjoying the RV lifestyle for well over 15 years. They have upgraded throughout the years and are on their 5th recreational vehicle, beginning from a popup to a Cougar 327RES currently. They love meeting new people, sharing experiences and inviting campers to come check out their cozy camper. Jack and Cheryl's love is seen in everything they do.


As a solo traveler with 2 Norwegian Forest cats, Steve enjoys helping others. He has owned his Cougar 315RLS since 2019. He is a great representation of what Camp Better means. In his own words, "Camp Better means responsibility to ourselves, our environment, and our neighbors. Showing respect for each other, having a great community, and resources, and offering knowledge to one another all the while having fun, staying active, and enjoying the great outdoors."

My Camping with Views

Long-time campers Richard, Marilyn, Dusty, and Gabby Girl go everywhere they can together in their Montana. They have had several RVs since beginning back in 2007. They collect memories and stories and love to share them with others, you may even be lucky enough to share Marilyn's famous Crockpot Apple Pie! Come, sit a spell and reminisce with My Camping with Views, you will have new friends for life.

2 Veterans on the Move

Retired Air Force veterans with combined 42 years of service, let us introduce you to Bob and Grace! Growing up in different states on the opposite ends of the state spectrums — southern California to upstate New York, they have been together traveling in their Montana for over 3 years. Not sure where to call home, they followed their passion for travel. After watching a commercial of a dog running down the steps of an RV they were hooked! Bob and Grace continue to give back to others, they volunteer within the communities they visit, from local veteran organizations to local animal rescues. You may see them out walking dogs several times a week!

Happy Place Diaries

With home base in Oregon, Jerry and Teresa enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest in their Montana 3761 FL. Being in the outdoors has always been a big part of their lives which is why Camp Better resonates so well with them. It is an attitude that seeks adventure and opportunities to grow in the RV community. As an Army Veteran and someone who works with children in schools, Jerry and Teresa have a passion to help others, using their YouTube channel to raise money for Veteran activities across several communities. Being loved by everyone, just like their Shepherd's Pie, they help to encourage there is no right way to RV, but there is certainly something for everyone in the wonderful RV community. If you find them in a Campground, their welcome mat is always out! Follow them as they take you along a Journey of Happiness!

Living La Vida Wild

Trading in a traditional life for one full of adventures, Omaury, Jenny, Giselle, Elias, and Mateo are passionate about exploring the outdoors, visiting new places, and making friends on the open road in their Raptor. They began as weekend travelers but soon craved more adventure. They have been living this lifestyle for over 5 years and are loving it! They lead by example by leaving it better than you found it, slow down, and travel with this exciting family. Follow Living La Vida Wild as they continue to make an impact on nature.

Our Tribe of 10

Traveling with 10 is possible, Megan and Gordy show us how they enjoy time with their 8 children. Camping was not something they thought about until 2020 when they wanted to get out and see things. Making the choice on a whim to purchase their Premier Travel Trailer, they love camping with their children on the weekends. Think you can't do RVing, well think again. As Our Tribe of 10 shows that anything is possible.

On Liberty With The RV

Dave and Danny have been full-time RV living for 13 months. With their love of learning, they have traveled from Savannah, GA all the way up the east coast to Maine visiting National Parks, State Parks, museums, and much more! They love to share their experiences with others in hopes that more families will turn off the TV and make lasting memories of seeing and enjoying this great country. Follow them as they continue to boondock with all of their solar upgrades!

Mountains To The Sea RV

Hi, we’re the Graaff’s! We are a family of four with two little kids, and our tiny Yorkie Coral. We started our RV lifestyle in May of 2020. A forced decision due to the Covid shutdowns, that ended up being our greatest adventure. We were able to travel up and down the west coast twice and see beautiful places we had never been. Some of our favorite stops were Lassen National Park and the Oregon Coast. We have owned 4 different RV’s during our 16 year marriage. Ranging from a pop-up camper to our new luxury Montana High Country fifth wheel. We have had great memories with all of our rigs, and are grateful we get to take our home on wheels with us wherever we go! We are primarily stationary in the San Diego area, but love to get out whenever possible to go camping in nature. We love the RV lifestyle and our Keystone RV!

JoKo Travels

Jodie, Kory and Kallie here! We’ve been on the road for the Pipeline for 10 years and RVing for 3. We travel where the work is and once the job is completed, it’s time to hit the road and explore! We want to show our generation that “keeping up with the Jones’” doesn’t always equal happiness. If you want less things to manage and more time with family in the great outdoors, then you’ve come to the right place!

Britnee Kinard

Outdoor recreation has been a vital part of healing and joy within our own family. My husband is a catastrophically injured purple heart veteran with PTSD and TBI and we have a son with autism, both of whom benefit greatly from outdoor recreation. I founded SD Gunner Fund in 2014, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which has a mission to assist veterans, children living with disabilities, and first responders while inspiring disability awareness through public education and advocacy. We are best known for training and providing service dogs and facility therapy dogs for veterans, first responders, and exceptional children. Our beloved 2020 Keystone Passport has enabled us to experience the great outdoors as well as expand the reach and mission of SD Gunner Fund to serve even more families like ours.

Our Road to Camelot

Steven and Dawn are the most precious couple you will ever find on Youtube. They love sharing what they have learned in their full-time travel RV journey and have built up quite a following. Be sure to check them out for tons of tips and tricks!

Jonesin 2 Go

Brian and Tina Jones — We have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren. We also have a an Australian Shepherd - Toby. We have been weekend camping for nearly 30 years and are currently what we would consider most timers. We travel to Florida in the winter months and weekends in our home state of Ohio. Our dream is to someday be able to travel full-time in our Montana fifth wheel. We love seeing and exploring new destinations but most of all we enjoy meeting new RVers and hearing their stories. For us it's about just getting out there and enjoying everything life has to offer. We always encourage others who have considered the RV lifestyle, even if it's only for weekend adventures, to "just go" Experience nature and the beauty of living. It's our passion to educate and advise RVers about their units. There is so many things to learn, whether you are just starting out or have been camping for years, RVs are forever changing and full of new innovative technology.

Thorsell Travels

Laura and Jerry are both retired military and now they travel the country full-time in their RV. They are huge Keystone advocates and we appreciate their kind words so much!

Find Us Camping

We are Jimmy & Lisa Cox— We started RVing with friends in a tent years ago, but more seriously, 16 years ago in a pop-up, we enjoyed taking the family out on weekends and extended weeks when the kids were all home. Over the years, we needed more space for the family and moved up the ranks through 2 travel trailers, and 2 fifth wheels before ending up in our first toy hauler which was a Keystone Fuzion 427 and since then have moved on to a Fuzion 428. We enjoy seeing so many places across the country and meeting the best people. When we started the full-time lifestyle, we wish we had realized how easy working remotely could be, if we had, we probably would have started sooner! Remember, tomorrow isn't promised and you can always make more money, you can't always make more memories.

RVenture Awaits

Tom & Beth Boswell are RVenture Awaits. They started camping as kids with their respective families. It wasn’t such a good experience for Beth, but it was for Tom. After camping together a few times in a tent they bought a tent camper in 2010. The next year that camper was destroyed in an auto accident. In 2014 while visiting cousins in AZ, they saw the new camper the cousins had purchased. That reignited the desire to go camping. In May 2014 Tom & Beth bought a Passport 238ML. 2 years later they bought a Passport 2810BH. In 2018 Beth agreed with Tom on his birthday, they could buy their current RV. It’s a 2019 Alpine 3651RL 5th Wheel. They continued to be part-timers for a couple of years. In 2020 when Tom retired they became full-time Rvers just as COVID hit. They continue to enjoy exploring the USA and visiting friends all over the country. Tom and Beth document their adventures so friends and family can follow along.

Fifty and Fifth Wheeling

We have been camping for over 20 years beginning with a popup & then upgrading to a Keystone Outback in 2003. We enjoyed traveling & camping all over the US with our 2 kids. In 2018 we purchased our 2019 Keystone Raptor toy hauler to begin camping again as empty nesters. When Kelley's job moved us from Texas to Georgia we sold or donated everything & became fulltimers. We enjoy traveling the country and sharing our camping adventures, RV repair tips and how to camp better! Kelley is pretty handy and has worked on many campers, RVs and even Prevosts!

Get Larson Lost

Josh and Hannah like to get lost. They are always looking for the next adventure and more ways to explore. In 2021 they decided to sell their house and hit the road full-time in an RV. Like many, they searched long and hard for the perfect RV. They landed in a Keystone Outback 335CG and have recently upgraded to the Keystone Fuzion 369. Traveling through states, taking job opportunities that only come from a nomad lifestyle, and riding their motorcycle in some of the coolest places. Keystone RV has brought them into a lifestyle they always dreamed about. As for how they manage this lifestyle, Hannah is a traveling nurse and both are social media influencers on the side. Until you meet them on the road remember: Life is about the ride, not the destination.