Rendering of a Keystone slide room with Tru-Fit slide construction.

Tru-Fit™ Slide Construction 


A long-time RV owner recently stood in our office and pronounced that auto-leveling and slide rooms were the industry's two greatest inventions, and we have to agree. As great as slide rooms are, it's important to remember that they aren't all created equal.

When shopping for a new RV, look for slides that are well-engineered and well-built to both keep water out and stand up to the mechanical stresses of moving hundreds of pounds in and out of your coach.

The Innovation Lab's Tru-Fit™ Slide contruction tackles durability and weather protection head on.

With custom-engineered frames for every floorplan, Keystone RV eliminates the compromises other manufacturers are forced to make as they try to adapt new floorplan designs to work with stock frames. Keystone's Tru-Fit frame design optimizes each slide's position to reduce stress on the structure and motor, resulting in a more durable build and consistent performance. A flexible rubber seal is added to both the slide-out structure and the side wall, doubling the RV's protection against the elements.

The result? More durable and weather-resistant slide rooms that are most definitely built for the long haul.