Unlike any other A/C system on the market, Keystone RV Company’s™ EXCLUSIVE Omni-Chill® air conditioning system allows three air conditioning units to run simultaneously, allowing the RV unit 35% more cooling power. While many campers feature three A/Cs, without Omni-Chill, only two A/Cs can operate at any given time. Not only do these high-efficiency air conditioners blow standard A/Cs away, lab testing proves that Omi-Chill can get a fifth wheel toy hauler a full 8 degrees cooler than conventional systems.

Historically, the problem has been this: running two standard A/Cs takes about 20 AMPs each, and the standard RV allows for 50 total AMPS of draw. Even with two A/Cs running at the same time, it is difficult to power anything else without possibly blowing a fuse. With Omni-Chill, Keystone RV created a system that consumes less energy, allowing all three A/Cs to run at about 32 AMPs total, leaving plenty of power for your other appliances and devices.

Not only is Omni-Chill a pretty “cool” set of A/Cs, it’s an entire high-efficiency system. Available on Keystone's Key Performance toy hauler brands, Raptor and Fuzion, the A/Cs are strategically placed (two in the main living area and one in the garage), creating a balanced circulation. What's more is that Key Performance toy haulers are the only brands with a 100% vapor barrier between the garage and main cabin. That means the gas and fumes from “toys” cannot get inside the duct work and filter into the main cabin.

The heat of the outdoors is no match for this triple-team of powerful A/Cs. Let Omni-Chill change the course of your future adventures—camp often, camp comfortable, and stay cool my friends.