4G LTE and WiFi Prep

Keystone RV Company now offers 4G LTE and WiFi prep on every model we manufacture. Our engineering and sourcing teams have developed a solution that makes it simple, easy and affordable for owners to add WiFi or cellular connectivity to your coach.

Winegard AIR 360+ Omni-Directional Rooftop Antenna

Eliminates dead spots

Every Keystone RV includes the Air 360+ antenna with wiring connecting it to a receiver plate for easy intallation of a WiFi router. This antenna receives AM, FM and over-the-air television signals, and is HDTV compatible. It also features dual 4G antennae to optimize reception, two times the signal strength, and a built-in gain low noise amplifier to minimize interference.

Winegard Gateway 4G LTE WiFi Router

Prepped and ready for installation

Stay connected while parked or while traveling. Your system is designed to work with the Winegard Gateway 4G LTE WiFi Router (GW-1000, MSRP $299). This router clicks seemlessly into place on the pre-installed wall plate and activates the 4G LTE antennae in the Air 360+. The Winegard Gateway supports HD streaming with 150 Mbps max and 4G LTE download, amplifies park WiFi, distributes you WiFi signal for up to a half mile, and offers WPA, WPA2 and WPA mixed wireless security.

Select The Data Plan That Works For You

Choose from Winegard, AT&T , or Verizon

Choose from Wingard pay-as-you-go plans that require no contract or activation fees; ToGo's RoadLink™ provides annual and montly pay-per-GB plans; or connect the device to your existing AT&T or Verizon account.