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KeyTV™ Multi-source Signal Controller

Plug-and-play receiver seamlessly manages broadcast, satellite, and cable

Ask any camper, trying to get the television to work in an RV has been famously difficult. So in 2019, the Keystone Innovation Lab partnered with some of our suppliers to figure out a better way for Keystone owners to both connect to entertainment options and make that connection more reliable. Enter KeyTV™, Keystone RV's EXCLUSIVE multi-source signal controller takes the guesswork out of RV television operation and improves the signal quality at each television in your coach.

  • Cable, satellite, and over-the-air connections go through a single access point, the KeyTV™ controller, typically located in or by an exterior storage compartment.
  • A "home-run" line from the controller connects the entertainment feed directly to each television in the RV. This eliminates 50% of unnecessary cable, splitters, jumpers, and multiple connections which degrade signal quality and result in poor picture and audio quality.
  • The antenna booster is located in the KeyTV controller so owners always know where it is and don't have to guess.
  • Auto-sensing technology eliminates frustrating A/B switches. KeyTV knows when the camper is hooked up to cable and automatically switches the feed from the over-the-air signal to cable.
  • Requires no additional wiring for satellite hookup and is compatible with most DISH®, DirecTV®, Shaw, and Bell products.
  • Allows owners to connect a satellite receiver on any television in the coach.
  • Color-coded wiring makes it clear which connection point feeds which monitor.