First Time RV Camper

Congratulations on purchasing your first RV and welcome to the Camp Better family of Keystone RV. We know your first-time camping experience can be difficult to navigate and oftentimes an overwhelming journey. We asked Master Technicians Matt Arndt and Bart Taylor to share information and their knowledge to help you. Review this series of videos to educate you as a first-time camper and offer up some of the tips & tricks our technical training experts have to offer.

Know your RV before heading out. If this is your first RV experience, we highly recommend “baby steps”. Don’t complicate things by making your first time using the unit your “trip of a lifetime”. The amount of information you receive during your walkthrough can be overwhelming to anybody. For your first time, keep it as simple as a couple of nights in the driveway getting accustomed to your RV and understanding camping better. Spend this time reviewing the Owner's Manual and individual component manuals. Go to the Owner’s section on our website and review the How to videos, FAQ’s, and other information to get to know your RV and camping better.

It has been our experience, this approach will provide significant benefit, reduce the stress of learning something new as well as build your confidence so when it is time for the “trip of a lifetime”, your experience is nothing more than joy and relaxation. Camp Better!