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Our Favorite New 2024 Models
January 6, 2024
By: Team Keystone

When it comes to getting away with just the two of you (or maybe even just by yourself!), Keystone RV's 2024 models offer a wide array of designs and features that redefine luxury, comfort, and adventure.

As we unveil the best of the best, explore this curated collection and discover which of our brands and models is the perfect match for you.

Bullet 2220ML

The perfect couples coach under 30 feet

Bullet's Crossfire lineup offers small, lightweight camping trailers in both single- and double-axle models making the transition to RVing effortless. The all-new 2220ML is double-axle measuring 26 feet, 9 inches and weighing 7,200 pounds making it the perfect couples coach under 27 feet. Paired with the all-new GoodYear Endurance Tires and Dexter Torflex Torsion Axle independent suspension to ease your mind on the road and give you effortless towing capabilities.

This is a brand new floorplan joining Bullet's lineup for 2024 and the perfect couples coach. From the private bedroom in the front of the coach with dual nightstands and wardrobes to the rear kitchen with a gorgeous wraparound sink and full-sized pantry, you'll be able to get away easily with all you could possibly need and then some. This sofa kitchen slide expands the living space for evening entertainment or cozy relaxation after a day's full adventure. Convert the sofa sleeper and dinette area into additional sleeping spaces with a total sleeping capacity of 6 across the coach.

For couples looking to get into their first RV, the Bullet 2220ML is a must see for yourself. Make sure you check it out at the Tampa RV Super Show, or build and price your dream model here!

Length: 26'9"; Weight: 7,200 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

Bullet 2220ML Floorplan Drawing

Passport 2600FK

This front-kitchen model is a must see! The first ever front profile layout for the brand, the all-new 2600FK.

New for Passport in 2024 is a redesigned front cap profile that adds interior room at the front of the model allowing the brand to introduce never before done floorplans, such as the 2600FK. This front kitchen model features a spacious super slide AND a king sized bed. You'll enjoy the expanded living space with an entertainment center and fireplace, front kitchen views with a wraparound counter, and a king sized 70 inch by 80 inch bed in the evenings. What more could you ask for?

Length: 30'2"; Weight: 7,085 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

Build and price the 2600FK!

Passport 2600FK Floorplan Drawing

Springdale 220ML

Open concept floorplan with a private bedroom

From extra storage in unexpected places to effortless camping from power stabilizers, tongue jacks, and awnings, Springdale travel trailers affordably delivers the best camping experience.

At around 26 feet in length with a mid-living slide, the Springdale 220ML gives you the compact towing experience AND spacious interior all in one. The combo slides creates an open concept living space across the middle of the coach expanding the living, dining, and kitchen areas. With cabinet doors under the dinette, you'll have all the extra room for stowing away your essentials, ensuring a clutter-free living space, while on the road.

Springdale's commitment to affordability means there's a model to suit your adventure needs. Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend getaway or embarking on an extended journey, the Springdale 220ML is your ticket to unforgettable experiences with the one you love. It's the perfect floorplan for adventurous couples who want to go everywhere.

Length: 26"2; Weight: 5,645 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

Build and price the Springdale 220ML!

Springdale 220ML Floorplan Drawing

Hideout 24RBS

A super slide that expands the living space for entertainment

Hideout's core lineup features more spacious models with America's most-loved layouts, With its sharp, automotive-inspired exterior design, and light and airy interiors, Hideout sets the stage for carefree camping. You'll appreciate unexpected features like electric stabilizer jacks, hidden pantries, and SolarFlex™ solar power systems that set the stage for carefree camping.

One of the best parts in Hideout's all-new 24RBS is the large rear bath. With a wraparound sink, full-size shower, and both a storage space and linen closet, it offers more than you could imagine. Paired with the super slide expanding the living space in the middle of the rig, you'll never feel crammed for space or that you could need more in this small, but mighty, travel trailer. Lastly, the private bathroom at the front of the rig includes dual closet space, a laundry chute, and overhead shelving providing the perfect bedroom space in this couples coach.

With an MSRP under $35,000, weighing less than 6,500 pounds and a length less than 30 feet, you must see the Hideout 24RBS for your adventures!

Length: 28"11; Weight: 6,265 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

Build and price the Hideout 24RBS!

Hideout 24RBS Floorplan Drawing

Outback 296URK

The panoramic views are unmatched in Outback's all-new rear kitchen floorplan!

Outback's Ultra-Lite lineup offers the same luxury, style, and comfort as Outback Premium travel trailers in smaller, ultra-lightweight floorplans. The all-new 296URK features a stunning rear kitchen offering panoramic views with a full wraparound countertop. The center island provides additional cooking space and cabinets for storage to ensure campers still have space for all their necessities with the removal of overhead cabinets to make room for those large windows. We'll take views over storage space any day!

Additionally, in the kitchen slide, you'll enjoy gorgeous views of wherever your rig takes you from the built in desk and stool for the best work from home set-up.

Length: 33"11; Weight: 7,075 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

Build and price the 296URK!

Outback 296URK Floorplan Drawing

Cougar 22MLS

A State and National Park Friendly Compact Couples Coach

Less than 27 feet in length, the Cougar 22MLS couples coach is a favorite among young couples and retirees who want the luxuries of a fifth wheel without the size and tow vehicle to go with it. This mid-living model is perfect for those who crave adventure while still wanting all of the comforts of home. Luxury touches like standard theater seating, an anti-lock braking system, auto-leveling, a king-sized bed, and large windows throughout the coach make this floorplan a must to check out!

Length: 26'10"; Weight: 5,887

Build and price the 22MLS!

Cougar 22MLS Floorplan Drawing

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