Best Small Travel Trailers

Imagine having all of the flexibility of tent camping, but with a bed, your own bathroom...and a kitchen! How much more often you would go camping if all of your gear was always packed and ready to go? Bullet Crossfire's small lightweight camping trailers make the transition to RVing effortless with models that weigh less than 4,000 lb and easy set-up features like power stabilizers and tongue jacks.


3,542 lb - 5,505 lb


21' 4" - 31' 2"


10' 4" - 10' 10"

Sleep Capacity

4 - 10



Decor Option 1



Fresh and bright, Bullet's east coast cottage style is the talk of the RV industry. The Flagstone decor complements the painted gray cabinets with dappled graphite leather furniture and a playful honeycomb pattern on the window valances.

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Decor Option 2


Bullet countertop

Steel decor marries silvery modern furniture with brushed nickel geometric fixtures and deep charcoal accent cabinetry. Always crisp and welcoming, Steel decor transcends traditional decor pallets providing a deliciously lush getaway.

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