We See You, Snowbirds

Whether you're wintering in Florida or summering at the lake, Keystone Springdale offers a handful of floorplans designed specifically for seasonal camping. These 38' models feature our most popular master bedroom and living area layout with a variety of "bonus room" options.


8,860 lb - 8,994 lb


38' 11"


11' 4"

Sleep Capacity

8 - 10



Decor Option 1


Midnight Cabinetry
Midnight Countertops
Midnight Floor
Midnight Sofa
Midnight Valances

Springdale's all-new Onyx Storm interior design that blends statement-making matte black cabinetry with clean whites, natural wood, and soft gold finishes – a classic and comfortable palette, ready for your personal style. The Midnight decor option goes bold with striking dark leather furniture and window treatments.

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Decor Option 2

Morning Fog

Morning Fog
Morning Fog Cabinetry
Morning Fog Countertops
Morning Fog Floor
Morning Fog Sofa
Morning Fog Valances

Springdale's Morning Fog decor features upholstered seating that walks a fine line between taupe and gray. This same color-shifting hue is also featured in Morning Fog's accent fabric. The result? These elements combine with the brand's Onyx Storm decor for interiors that feel both cozy and modern.

Click swatches for close-up view.