DIY Repair Program

Making Simple Repairs Faster & Easier

Keystone's do-it-yourself repair program and video library allow an owner, whose Keystone unit is within the terms of limited warranty, the opportunity to obtain materials in order to repair simple warranty items yourself and perhaps reduce the time and inconvenience associated with taking your unit to a dealer. 

Some easy fixes that you may be able to complete yourself include repairs to blinds & shades, trim, cabinet doors, 12V lights, 12V light switches, door locks, door catches, graphics, gas struts, window handles & screens, fender skirts, seam tape and wraps, stove & sink covers, shower heads and hoses, and vent covers. We've provided a library of how-to videos on this website to help you. Please contact our Owner Relations Team to see if the DIY repair program can work for you.

DIY Video Library

Matt & Bart show you how to complete simple repairs successfully. Check out full list of operation, maintenance and repair videos.

While keeping it simple is important, so is your safety and the condition of your unit. For this reason, repairs involving 120V electrical, Liquid Propane (LP), or replacing complete appliances and other systems or components, may not qualify. Some defective parts may also need to be returned to Keystone.  

We want you to have the opportunity to complete simple repairs, but please use caution and good common sense. If at any time you are uncomfortable or realize you don’t have the necessary experience, please stop what you are doing.  Seek the advice of someone familiar with your RV or contact your authorized Keystone dealership and arrange for the dealership to fix the problem.     


NOTE: The “Do it Yourself” method of repairs is not required in anyway when the unit is within the terms of the warranty, it is strictly offered as an option for a more convenient and timely service experience to a willing consumer.