Keystone Nation

Meet The 2021 Keystone Brand Ambassadors
May 6, 2021
By: Team Keystone

Introducing Keystone Nation. A delightful group full of all different types of RVers who are truly living out their dreams in their RV. We love celebrating our owners and our ambassador program lets us highlight a select few that are going above and beyond to truly Live It out. We hope they inspire you to get outside and follow your passion.

#1: @hitched_and_halling
Katherine & Mason Hall - Montana 3163BP

Katherine is a traveling nurse and her husband Mason works from their RV. They have been traveling for 2 years where ever she is called to go with 2 kitty cats along for the ride. Follow along with their journey on Instagram.

#2: @danikalynnco
Danika & Paul Diediker - Bullet Premier 34BIPR

The Diedikers are a family of 4 with long-term plans to travel full-time. They are currently stationary enjoying the mountains. Adventure time with the fam is their main priority. You can find them on Instagram.

#3: @kerrpoints
Richard Kerr - Passport 292BH

Richard is a brand-new and happy Passport owner. His family of 4 are weekend warriors and always planning their next trip. You can learn more about them on Instagram.

#4: @mountainstothesearv
Asher & Melissa Graaff - Hideout 308BHDS

The graaffs are a precious family of 4 who are making lemonade out of the lemons. Due to the current pandemic, they were forced to temporarily close their business. They decided to make the best of the situation and live the RV life. They hit the road soon and we can't wait to follow along with their adventure. You can follow them as well on Instagram!

#5: @hineshomerenovations
Jennifer & Tyler Hines - Outback 312BH

The Hines are an adorable family of 5. Jenn and Tyler renovate and sell homes together for a living. They are an adventurous bunch and work hard to instill a sense of wonder in their kids. You can follow them as well on Instagram!

#6: @frugalforluxury
Laura & Christian Georgieff - Montana 3855BR

This adventurous family of 5 are no strangers to adventure. At the beginning of 2020, they decided to quit both their jobs and take their family traveling full-time. Due to the global pandemic, they got stuck in Australia for 12 weeks! They finally made it to Europe but following that crazy blip, they decided to head home and start traveling the states in their Montana. You can follow their journey on Instagram!

#7: @jokotravels
Jodie Reitmayer & Kory Meadows - Montana High Country 385BR

Jodie, a former backup dancer for Usher, and Kory, pipeline radiographer, are clearly not your average couple. They travel full-time for Kory's job and have been together for 8 years. Their Instagram is major travel goals so be sure to check them out and follow along!

#8: @parents_unleashed
Warren & Robin Baxter - Fuzion 427

2 time Keystone owners, Warren and Robin, are happily living the retired life traveling full-time in their Fuzion toyhauler. Their goal is to encourage their family and friends to join them and live the RV lifestyle as well. Follow along with them on Instagram.

#9: @andreaupdyke
Jerry & Andrea Updyke- Hideout 272LHS

The Updyke's are a family of 4 + their rescue dog, Pepper. This sweet family got hit with some unexpected medical issues and decided there is no time like the present and hit the road! They are busy making memories so be sure to follow along on her Instagram.

#10: @juliedav17
Julie Davenport & Matt Culberson - Montana 3810MS

Julie and Matt are BOTH full-time traveling nurses. they could move as much as every 6 weeks or be somewhere as long as 6 months! They also have two precious puppies who stay with them in the RV. Follow them on Instagram!

#11: @rydersinmotion
Paige & Tyler Ryder Greene - Raptor 415

Paige & Tyler + their two adorable puppies, are a full-time travel fam. They own a very cool full body paint Raptor 415 toyhauler, with a killer Harley Davison in tow as well. We hope one day we can be as cool as these two. Follow them on Instagram.

#12: @ModestlyMoore
Susannah & Tristan Moore - Outback 328RL

Susannah & Tristan are currently stationary while renovating their Outback travel trailer. but they have plans to hit the road in 2022! Their camper is ah-mazing so definitely give them a follow them on Instagram.

#13: @weropartyof7
The Wero Family - Montana 345DBQ

The Wero's are an amazing family of 7. They are missionaries serving with United Indian Missions and have been on the road full-time for 6 years! You can keep up with them on Instagram!

#14: jonesin2go
Brian & Tina Jones- Montana 3120RL

Three-time Keystone owners, Brian & Tina are weekend warriors that love traveling in their Montana fifth-wheel. They are all about sharing tips and tricks on their Youtube channel and have over 1,300 subscribers! Go give them a follow.

#15: @bigheartstinyspaces
The Seles Family - Montana High Country 335BH

Samantha & Dustin are a young family of 4. They use RVing as a way to be together and we love that so much! Check out their Instagram because we think it's is b-e-a-utiful!

#16: @_suglife_
Alana Furman - Avalanche 395BH

Alana, two time Keystone owner, is motivated, fun, and adventurous. She travels with her boyfriend Josh and their puppie Sugie. Follow her if you like adorable dog pics.

#17: Our Road To Camelot
Steven New - Cougar 310RLS

Steven and his wife are the most precious couple you will ever find on Youtube. They love sharing what they have learned in their full-time travel RV journey and have built up quite a following. Be sure to check them out for tons of tips and tricks!

#18: @rvhappyyet
Jennifer & Caleb Littlejohn - Cougar 368MBI

Jennifer and Caleb quit their high-stress jobs in Florida and opted for the full-time RV lifestyle instead. They describe it as "everything we've dreamed of and more" and we are here for it. We can't wait to keep up with their adventures this year! Follow them on Instagram.

#19: @nat.adventure
Natalie & Clinton Singleton - Sprinter Limited

Natalie and Clinton have the craziest RV story. In 2019 Clinton found himself on stage at the Price Is Right and ended up winning the entire episode. They used the money he won to buy their RV and have lived in it ever since. Follow their awesome adventure on Instagram.

#20: @sd_gunner_fund
Britnee Kinard - Passport 3400QD

Britnee is president and founder of SD Gunner Fund, a non-profit organization that assists veterans and exceptional children with the financial expense of owning service animals. She is a firm believer in what the great outdoors can do for those with Autism or with PTSD. We're so thankful she chose Passport and are proud to be supporters of her mission.

#21: Find Us Camping
Jimmy & Lisa Cox - Fuzion 427

2 time Keystone owners, Jimmy and Lisa are Fuzion SUPER fans! They camp A LOT and love talking about what they've learned. Check them out on YouTube!

#22: Laura & Jerry Thorsell - Montana 3790RD

Laura and Jerry are both retired military and now they travel the country full-time in their RV. They are huge Keystone advocates and we appreciate their kind words so much!

#23: @explorewithdalton
Dalton & Kalie Stewart - Carbon 403

Dalton & Kalie are an adventurous family of 5 hopping from state to state. From Georgia to Montana to Idaho to Utah, Colorado, and Texas they certainly have many adventures to share. Follow along with them on Instagram.

#24: @wherewildonesroam
Kris & Andy Murphy - Fuzion 424

Kris and Andy are definitely RV famous. Their family has been featured on and Business Insider. They have been traveling for almost 3 years and roadschooling along the way as well. Follow along with them on their BEAUTIFUL Instagram.