Best Work From Home Set-Ups

Compact workstations allowing you to blend work and adventure
February 23, 2024
By: Team Keystone

RV work setups offer the flexibility to embrace professional responsibilities while on the road, redefining the traditional 9-5, allowing you to work from the comfort of your RV amid stunning natural surroundings. These versatile workspaces on wheels meet your professional needs without sacrificing the freedom and excitement of life on the road. Whether you're a digital nomad seeking the perfect balance between work and adventure or simply looking to break free from the traditional office environment, we've hand picked our best work from home set-ups for you to explore.

Outback 296URK

Transport your office with this versatile work from home set-up

The Outback 296URK is an addition to the ultra-lightweight lineup, offering the same level of luxury, style, and comfort as Outback's Premium line. These smaller, lighter-weight floorplans ensure you can travel with ease, without compromising on the features you love most. Plus, the exceptional towing performance makes hitting the road a breeze!

Right inside the kitchen is an office desk equipped with a swing out stool so you can take your work wherever you go. With this versatile setup, your office can be any destination you choose. With the rise of remote work, this luxury travel trailer is bound to take you more places than you could've imagined experiencing in an office on the road. With the office set-up in the kitchen, you can enjoy this rear kitchen's panoramic window views from your desk. There are so many unique features that offer flexibility across the floorplan – you have to see it for yourself! Click here to find a dealer near you.

Length: 33'11"; Weight: 7,110 (Specs are estimated based on model prototype and are subject to change.)

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Outback 296URK Floorplan Drawing

Montana 3531RE

A Massive Sectional AND the Perfect Place to Work From the Road!

Born out of customer feedback for a shorter fifth wheel that still feels incredibly open by maximizing space, the Montana 3531RE is truly one of a kind. Inside this open-concept couple's coach, you're greeted with a seamless flow from a rear entertainment living room to a gourmet kitchen, creating an inviting and functional living space. The living area is thoughtfully designed with a spacious L-shaped sectional that seats 6 people comfortably.

This floorplan made the list for the best work-from-home set-ups, not only for the spacious solid surface workspace that doubles as a dining area, but for the panoramic views that this area boasts. With the perfect campsite views, you can check out the sunrise and feel like you're in the great outdoors. This coach is built for the long haul, extended trips, and seasonal camping. If you're looking for luxury on the road, this one could be for you! Find a dealer near you to check out this floorplan in person.

Length: 38'7"; Weight: 13,116 lb.

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Montana 3531RE Floorplan Drawing

Montana 3941FO

First-Ever Front Office Floorplan in the Industry

The Montana 3941FO is a floorplan for those who enjoy working on the go. This model seamlessly gives owners the office of their dreams without sacrificing the luxury finishes that make Montana special. Even though a portion of the front of the coach boasts a roomy office, this floorplan is designed so well that the rest of the coach feels open.

Montana introduced this model to the masses in 2023 as the first front office floorplan on the market. This front office space not only boasts a large front window for the perfect views, but it has tons of built-in storage, a spacious L-shaped desk, and it closes off to the rest of the coach so that you can concentrate while you work! You can see this floorplan in person by using our dealer finder!

Length: 42'7"; Weight: 15,267 lb.

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Montana 3941FO Floorplan Drawing

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