2024 Fifth Wheel Buyer's Guide

Our Favorite & Must-Have Models
December 1, 2023
By: Team Keystone

Keystone RV Company has been dedicated to crafting the most thrilling fifth wheel RVs in the country. Keystone brands lead the industry pioneered features like as model-specific frame design featuring stamped steel cross members and Keystone Innovation Lab exclusives like MaxTurn™ technology, HitchVision™, Blade Pure™, and our cutting-edge SolarFlex™ solar energy systems. We consistently push boundaries, transform the industry, and provide fifth wheel RVs that captivate and delight our owners.

In this blog, we'll give you an overview of our brands and helps you find the perfect match.

Part of our business model is to provide shoppers with product options at each trim level, offering options with different feature sets and styling, but each supported by Keystone's deep product development expertise, quality, and best-in-class owner support. Here's the breakdown, with some of our favorite 2024 picks.

Our Fifth Wheel Brands at a Glance:

Our Most Luxurious

Montana & Alpine

Fully Equipped Luxury Coaches w/ More Bunkhouse Options

Montana High Country & Alpine Avalanche Edition

Packed with Features, Priced for Limitless Adventure

Cougar Premium, Arcadia Full-Size, & Sprinter Limited

Lighter Weights and Many Luxury Features all at a Lower Cost

Cougar Half-Ton & Arcadia Super Lite

Affordable Fifth Wheels with Everything Needed for Weekend or Weeklong Adventures

Cougar Sport & Arcadia Select


Our most luxurious, full-featured coaches

Both of these brands prioritize one-bedroom floorplans that emphasize comfort, ultimate convenience, and style. Both have tall, flat front caps which opens up the design options for the upper deck. Both are built on drop Z frames, offering massive storage in the front and rear. While both interiors are sophisticated, Montana's 2024 design is tonal and layered, Alpine punches it up with patterns and bespoke finishes. Alpine offers full body paint as a standalone option and includes many upgrades as standard equipment. Montana offers top-of-the-line options, including independent suspension, disc brakes, and our most advanced SolarFlex Outlast Extreme 1320i-L solar energy package.

Our Favorite 2024s for:


Fully Equipped Luxury Coaches w/ Bunkhouse Options

Both of these product lines include the full-profile, luxury DNA of their big brothers, but in slightly smaller footprints. Both Montana High Country and Alpine Avalanche Edition have bunkhouse options that are perfect for families. Like Montana and Alpine, Montana High Country and Alpine Avalanche Edition both have four-season living packages for comfort all year round. Both brands offer luxury finishes like hardwood cabinetry and solid surface countertops to make it feel more like home. One of the main differences between the two brands is the leveling systems, Montana High Country has Ground Control® 4 point electric auto-leveling while Alpine Avalanche Edition uses Lippert's one touch hydraulic 6 point auto-leveling system. Alpine Avalanche Edition is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the details while Montana High Country has buttoned up the luxury finishes.

Our Favorite 2024s for Couples:

Our Favorite 2024s for Families:


Packed with features, priced for limitless adventure

Luxury features at a lower cost, Cougar Premium, Arcadia Full-Size, and Sprinter Limited fifth wheels all offer great floorplans for couples and families. These roomy fifth wheels are great options for those who value personal space and some extra headroom. Packed with features that make setup at the campground a breeze like auto-leveling systems, luxury features like solid surface countertops, as well as extended-season camping, these floorplans are ready to take you on your next adventure. Cougar Premium fifth wheels give owners features like ceiling fans in most floorplans, innovative dining and work-from-the-road setups, and new for 2024 full body paint options. Arcadia Full-Size fifth wheels offer an innovative space-saving chassis that allows for a massive passthrough storage without sacrificing interior space. Sprinter Limited fifth wheels offer unique family bunkhouse options that have taken the industry by storm!

Our Favorite 2024s for Couples:

  • Arcadia 3140RK - Large rear kitchen with great storage and king bed suite with walk-in closet
  • Cougar Premium 260MLE - Innovative workspace and dining area, more counter space than any other floorplan on the market, and a full front closet
  • Cougar Premium 320RDS - Large L-shaped sectional with open concept kitchen and front master with full front closet
  • Sprinter Limited 3530DEN - Rear living with full theater experience, large dinette, and king bed suite

Our Favorite 2024s for Families:


Lighter weights and many luxury features all at a lower cost

Lighter and often shorter than their big siblings, Cougar Half-ton and Arcadia Super Lite fifth wheels both offer floorplans that incorporate some luxury features and are ultra-functional at a lower cost. Both brands give customers exterior convenience centers, Nev-R-Adjust brake systems, four-point auto-leveling, residential queen-sized beds, and more! Arcadia Super Lite offers features like dual pane tinted frameless windows, residential shades, and Dexter 6,000lb axles. Cougar Half-ton offers features like four season camping, E-rated tires, and unique dining options in many floorplans. Both brands have floorplans that are cleverly designed to maximize storage and are easy to tow.

Our Favorite 2024s for Couples:

Our Favorite 2024s for Families:

  • Cougar Half-Ton 29BHL - Rear bunks with extra storage, comfortable and roomy booth dinette, and wardrobe slide
  • Arcadia Super Lite 288SLBH - Extra large rear bunks that double as rear storage, large walk-in pantry, wardrobe slide, and outdoor kitchen


Apart of the Keystone Classics Collection, affordable fifth wheels with everything needed for weekend or weeklong adventures.

A new brand type for both Arcadia and Cougar, Arcadia Select and Cougar Sport both offer ultra-affordable fifth wheels at an unbeatable price point. These fifth wheels give owners everything that they need to get out for any adventure. Whether you're retiring and looking to downsize or begin your fifth wheel adventures, these easy-to-tow budget-friendly floorplans could be a great choice for you!

Our Favorite 2024s for Couples:

  • Cougar Sport 2400RE - Brand new for 2024, this affordable fifth wheel features a walk-in pantry, great exterior storage, and a private bedroom
  • Arcadia Select 21SRK - Rear kitchen with great storage and private main bedroom

Our Favorite 2024s for Families:

  • Cougar Sport 2700BH - Private bunk room with triple bunks, large passthrough storage, and private main bedroom

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