Easy-to-Tow, Lightweight Travel Trailers

Our Favorite 2023 Models
May 17, 2023
By: Team Keystone

Looking for a travel trailer that you can tow with a vehicle that you already own? If you own a large SUV or smaller truck, there are still options for you to get out on the road without breaking the bank on a new vehicle. With over 50 floorplans in the lightweight category, there is a half-ton towable option for everyone. Whether you have a large family and need sleeping space for 10 people or if it is just you and your significant other, we have a lightweight floorplan for that!

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Keystone RV has 2 Lightweight Brands:

  • Bullet - A stylish travel trailer lineup includes single axles under 21 ft up to luxury double axles 38 ft in length. Shop now!
  • Passport - Known as the Swiss Army Knife of RVs with modern euro interiors and exceptional storage. Shop now!

What is the Lightweight Difference?

Lightweight travel trailers are built intentionally with lighter materials to make them half-ton towable. They are an excellent option for those that already have a tow vehicle and aren't wanting to upgrade. Some of the components that make lightweights lighter are:

  • Hyperdeck™ composite flooring - This Keystone-exclusive composite flooring is both stronger and significantly lighter than traditional wood flooring. It is also water resistant due to being materialized of 100% inorganic materials. You can learn more about Hyperdeck™ here!
  • Aluminum framing - Traditionally built travel trailers are built with wood framing, by using aluminum framing, weight goes down significantly without sacrificing the integrity of the trailer.

Bullet Lightweight Travel Trailers

Built with lighter materials like aluminum framed sidewalls and Keystone's exclusive Hyperdeck™ composite flooring, Bullet floorplans give owners a lighter travel trailer with many conveniences often found in fifth wheel floorplans. With 3 different trim levels, Bullet offers floorplans from single axles as short as 21 ft in length to double axles up to 38 ft in length. Bullet offers owners a trendy and stylish look at prices that won't break the bank. The Midnight Monterey decor combines smokey gray cabinetry and natural wood tones throughout the entire coach.

With a large variety of floorplans between couples coaches and family bunkhouses, there is a perfect floorplan for weekend warriors or those who desire an extended weeklong getaway. Check out the full Bullet floorplan lineup here!

Floorplans We Love:

Passport Lightweight Travel Trailers

Known as the Swiss Army Knife of RVs, Passport gives owners the total package with some of the most versatile floorplans in the lightweight segment. With endless storage both inside and out, owners won't have to ask themselves whether to leave the cozy blanket behind. Packed with features like Keystone's exclusive Hyperdeck™ water-resistant flooring, a standard convenience center on every floorplan, power stabilizer jacks, tongue jack, and awning, and so much more! With a modern minimalistic style throughout the entire coach, you can add your personal touch with any splash of color.

Passport has a wide range of couples coaches and bunkhouses to choose from that can fit any family type. Whether you are on the hunt for a travel trailer for weekend adventures or extended weeklong getaways, Passport has a floorplan that will fit your camping lifestyle. Check out the Passport brand's floorplan lineup here!

Floorplans We Love:

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