Destination Travel Trailers

RV's designed for seasonal living with higher ceilings, wider bodies, and abundant storage.

What is a Destination Travel Trailer?

Did you find a perfect seasonal getaway location and want to spend more time there? A destination travel trailer would be the perfect fit for you! Amenities like higher ceilings, ceiling fans, residential-style kitchens, and larger bathrooms, living spaces, and bedrooms make your longer stay by the ocean, mountains, or lake much more comfortable. Unlike traditional park models, you do not need a commercial vehicle to tow a Keystone destination travel trailer. Destination travel trailers are a terrific option for owners who want to stay for an extended amount of time in one location with the flexibility to migrate as the spirit moves you.

Comfort Destination Travel Trailers

38' models that merge destination trailer floorplans and features with a travel-friendly 11' 3" height and more robust axle construction.

Premium Destination Travel Trailers

Seasonal living at its absolute finest.

Here are some benefits to owning a Keystone Destination Travel Trailer:

  • More mobile than traditional park models while still being comfortable for extended stays
  • Larger propane tanks and the ability to fully connect to park water and septic reduce stress and maintenance issues
  • Can be towed by a traditional truck and does not require a commercial vehicle to move from location to location
  • Tall ceilings and more residential features add an extra level of comfort during your extended stay