Raptor & Carbon

Raptor & Carbon

Key Performance™ Toy Haulers

Adventure That Knows No Limits

Raptor and Carbon set the standard for hardworking and innovative toy haulers. These Key Performance™ brands focus on flexible floorplans and large garages. Multi-zone living, sophisticated design and features like soft-close cabinets, wireless charging stations, and hot water on-demand make Raptor a favorite for extended camping. Carbon's burly construction and practical comfort are perfect for getting side-by-sides out to the trailhead. Both feature frame-welded tie-downs, painted front caps, EXCLUSIVE Omni-Chill™ A/C systems, hydraulic auto-leveling, and SolarFlex™ packages.

The Raptor Toy Hauler RV - Your New Home on Wheels

What Makes the Front of a Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler Different From Other Toy Haulers on the Market?

Featured Model: Raptor 420


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