Exploring RV Technology

From Planning to Comfortable Travel
April 23, 2024
By: Our Road to Camelot (Steve and Dawn), Brand Ambassador

Dawn and I recently upgraded to the 2024 Keystone Montana High Country 385BR from our previous 2018 Keystone Cougar 310RLS fifth wheel. The new model's floorplan and layout are fantastic, offering ample living space that includes an interior office and an outdoor kitchen—a feature we particularly appreciate. The pantry and storage areas are generously sized, and we've ingeniously repurposed the upper bunk over the office for additional storage. We hold Keystone in high regard, not just for their superior build quality but also for their exceptional customer service and DIY program. Dawn's experience in the RV dealership's warranty department solidified our decision to focus on Keystone, given their outstanding customer loyalty and support.

Trip Planning Made Easy

Navigating our trips has become a breeze thanks to technology's advancements. We start by mapping our routes with Google Maps and discovering attractions using apps like TripAdvisor, the Crazy Tourist, and Campendium. To streamline our planning further, we rely on RV Life TripWizard for comprehensive trip mapping and campground exploration.

Smooth Travel Days with Advanced Navigation

On travel days, our journey remains seamless with advanced navigation tools. The Garmin 890 RV GPS system, combined with Google and Apple Maps, ensures we navigate tailored routes that suit our RV's specifications. This system keeps us updated with traffic insights and allows for route customization, making it a reliable travel companion. For added convenience, apps like iExit and Gas Buddy provide crucial information on amenities and fuel stops, enhancing our overall travel experience.

Ensuring Safety and Convenience on the Road

We rely on advanced technological aids such as the Uni 19 state portable toll road device and TyMate tire pressure monitoring system to enhance safety during our travels. These devices seamlessly navigate us through toll roads while keeping a close watch on our tire health, preempting potential mishaps. Additionally, the Level Mate Pro ensures our RV is perfectly leveled at campsites, adding an extra layer of comfort to our journey.

Smart Upgrades for Enhanced Comfort

Our RV boasts smart upgrades like the RVLOCK V4 keyless entry and Mopeka propane monitor, providing unmatched convenience and peace of mind. Complementing these electronic upgrades, the Oxygenic Power Flow shower head elevates our daily comforts, significantly enhancing the enjoyment of our travels.

Montana High Country 385BR

Step into a new era of travel luxury with the 2024 Keystone Montana High Country! Experience panoramic views, innovative features like SolarFlex™ solar power, and exclusive Winegard Air 360+ antenna. Choose from shorter models, family-friendly layouts, and full-time traveler warranty coverage. Elevate your journey today!

Staying Connected on the Road

Connectivity remains paramount, and we've found reliable solutions such as the AT&T Wi-Fi Turbo Hotspot 2 and Winegard Gateway router to keep us seamlessly connected wherever our adventures take us. While exploring options like Starlink, we prioritize stable connectivity for uninterrupted streaming and communication throughout our journeys.

Embracing Solar Technology for Sustainable Travel

Our Keystone Montana High Country incorporates a SolarFlex Discover 440i system, delivering sustainable energy solutions ideal for extended trips. With solar panels, lithium batteries, and advanced monitoring capabilities, we efficiently manage power consumption and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, contributing to eco-friendly travel practices.

Embracing Technology for Effortless Travel

As technology continues to evolve, so does our RV travel experience. From trip planning and navigation aids to comfort upgrades and sustainable energy solutions, modern RV technology enhances every facet of our journey. Looking ahead to future advancements, we're grateful for the seamless convenience and enhanced comfort that technology brings to our retirement adventures on the open road.

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