Get ready for spring, De-Winterize your RV.

Keystone RV Master Technicians Matt and Bart explain how to De-Winterize your RV. They will walk through the steps to get your RV ready for the RV season by opening, airing it out, and de-winterizing it. Start with opening up windows, vents, and any exterior compartment doors to air out. Your RV may be larger with many more features to get ready but we’re going to cover the main points using a Hideout 32LBH. Review Owner's Manual for additional resources

How do I prepare the Water System on my RV?

Begin with the low point drains, open them until the water runs clear, and once clear go ahead and close them. Next, move on to the exterior shower conveniently located next to the water hookup. Run the exterior shower hose-first running cold water and then hot, run until the water runs clear. Follow steps on all the faucets, turning them on one at a time until the water runs clear. (This will include the kitchen, bath, toilet, shower faucet, and showerhead.) Remember to run ALL faucets until water runs clear and no more air is sputtering out.

How do I prepare the Water Heater on my RV?

Insert the Anode Rod or tank plug first. Locate the water heater bypass, and turn the bypass off allowing the tank to begin filling. Go to the kitchen sink faucet, and turn the hot water, purging the air out of the tank. Follow this step on ALL faucets, be sure to complete it for all baths, interior/exterior showers, and any other hot water faucets like a camp kitchen. After lines are flushed and the water heater tank is full, turn the propane tank and water heater on and let it cycle to temperature. Use this time to look around at visible water lines for any unexpected leaks. Better to be safe than surprised later!

Important Note: Water heater pressure relief valves are designed to weep when the water heater air gap has diminished over time… don’t worry it is not defective. If your valves weep regularly the water heater air gap needs to be restored.

How do I restore the air gap in my water heater?

Turn the water heater off, and verify the water supply and water pump are in the off positions. Safety first and foremost—let the water in the tank cool down to prevent you from scalding your hands. When cool, lift up the water heater relief valve and let the excess water come out until no water runs through the valve, when finished then release the lever. Your air gap is restored and ready for use again.

Now that the fresh water system is de-winterized, take the time to test and operate all your appliances. Make certain everything is in working order. Check all safety equipment for proper operating functions. Check out our video on Safety Devices for more information or refer to your Owner’s Manual- or .

How do I prepare the black and gray tanks?

First, fill water into them with the appropriate amount of deodorant. Remember to leave some water in the toilet, enough to cover the seal.

Your RV is almost ready. Wipe everything down, load up your equipment, clothing, bedding, kitchen items, and everything you need to make your adventures memorable. Once everything is loaded, it is time to sweep it out. Finish up by walking around the exterior of your RV. Take the time to check its overall condition. Now is the perfect time to give your camper a little TLC before the season gets into full swing.

Just another way Keystone RV helps you Camp Better! Enjoy your adventures!