Tips on how to keep your RV cool during the hot summer months or warmer climates.

There is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors and living life to its fullest. Along with the simple pleasure of relaxing in a comfortable environment, indoors or out. As a First Time Camper, we share some helpful hints for cooling your RV during those hot summer days.

We have the ability to scout campsite locations before we even leave the house. As we look at how to better cool your RV, keep in mind the sun`s angle, trees, and shade. These items and more will help to determine the exposure your RV will experience. Using RV apps like TOGO RVs Roadpass Pro, you can find the ideal campsite while discovering quirky roadside attractions and scenic points of interest. The idea is to research as much information as possible about the campground and where we may park before heading out and setting up camp.

Understanding how to cool your RV starts with looking at the difference between a residential house side-wall and an RV side-wall. The difference is the side-wall's ability to transfer heat is significantly different from a home to an RV…here are some tips on how to CAMP BETTER!

Tips for inside your RV: 

  1. Keep the entry door closed as much as possible. 
  2. Inside the RV start with the shades or blinds drawn.
  3. Add reflective solar foil in the windows where needed.
  4. Add solar foil in cabinets on the back wall to help reduce heat gain when on extended stays.
  5. When running the AC, try to cool the rig early in the morning before it gets too Hot. 
  6. Use vent pillows in the vents to block heat gain when AC is on.
  7. Use fans and vents to cross-circulate and ventilate the unit.
  8. If your unit is equipped with incandescent lights turn them off when not being used or consider upgrading to L.E.D. lights.
  9. When showering be sure to open a roof vent to release excess heat and reduce condensation, Be sure to check out Chapter 3 in the Owner’s Manual for more information on how to Avoid Condensation.
  10. And of course, cook outside as much as possible to help keep the temperature cool inside. Even a microwave can generate heat inside the RV. The same principle applies with anything electric drawing power and puts off heat, TV’s, clocks, radios anything you may notice generating heat. It all adds up when it`s HOT HOT HOT out.
  11. Lastly, your own body heat is a factor, the more people and pets in the unit the more your air conditioner will run, now get out there and enjoy the outside!!

There are many options available to help with cooling… window awnings, sun shades, snap shades, solar foil, and more. Be sure to visit your authorized dealer for more information on some of these ideas. Refer to Chapter 7 of the Owner’s Manual for additional resources on cooling your RV.