Auto-program heating & cooling with iN•Command

With iN-Command, not only can you control your HVAC from the Display Commander(DC) in your RV, you can control it from the iN-Command App on your smart phone. Programming and setting a heating & cooling schedule for your RV with iN•Command is fairly straightforward.

After reviewing our video on basic operations of HVAC using the iN•Command system, you are ready to fine tune your heating and cooling needs by scheduling the perfect temperature for your RV all day long. If you wish to change the temperature based on what time of day it is, this video is for you. For example, say it's summer time and you're planning on being gone all day. You don't want your AC running too much while you're gone. You can set a schedule to run a higher temperature (meaning your AC will power on less often) while you're out, and a cooler temperature during times you know you'll be around. This video shows you how to create a schedule to start cooling the RV down an hour before you expect to be back, so it will be nice and comfortable when you get there.

Programming a “Schedule” allows you to program an alternate temperature for each Zone.

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