Move from a Class B to a 5th Wheel?

RV Lifestyle's Mike & Jennifer Wendland Did!
July 21, 2022
By: Team Keystone

When RV Lifestyle's Mike & Jennifer Wendland first got into campingthey never could have imagined where it would take them. Learn more about this camping power couple and why they finally made the leap from a motor home to a Keystone Arcadia fifth wheel.

Shortly after Mike & Jennifer were married, they bought their a travel trailer -- even before they purchased thier first home. As their family grew, they progressed to a pop-up and when the kids moved out of the house the couple suprisingly revisited their tent camping roots. What can we say? This is one adventurous couple! When Mike retired from his television broadcasting career, he convinced a skeptical Jennifer to purchase thier first motorhome, and they've never looked back. After years of camping in motorized RVs, the Wendland's fell in love with the space, style, and innovation in Keystone RV's Arcadia models. They purchased their Arcadia 3250RL in March 2022 and immediately christened it "The Castle." Mike first imagined they would use the fifth wheel primarily when camping on their property outside of Nashville, but after quickly acclimating to towing, they are planning trips out west and even up to Michigan's upper penninsula for their annual winter camping rally. Keystone RV is looking forward to sharing more stories with Mike and Jennifer in the coming months. When you have the opportunity, tap into the RV Lifestyle content and community at their website: and on the RV Lifestyle YouTube channel

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