Cougar's Climate Guard Package


For a longer and more comfortable camping season, Cougar's 2024 Climate Guard protection package is designed to keep owners comfortable in temperatures up to 110°F and down to 0°F. Available exclusively on Keystone Cougar Premium and Half-ton models.

Learn more about how Climate Guard provides year-round insulation as well as protection in cold winter and hot summer months.

  • Remote temperature probes and iN-Command®️ Control Systems with Global Connect. Provides more accurate temperature readings, has timed on/off procedures, and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with a smartphone.
  • Double-insulated laminated rear wall. Cougar's exclusive design combines rolled fiberglass and a second layer of styrene insulation, providing the best insulation for the RV.
  • Insulated gooseneck, bulkhead divider and sealed pin box (5th Wheels). Cougar fifth wheels feature a fiberglass insulated gooseneck, bulkhead divider wall, and a foam gasket sealed pin box to protect the upper deck from the elements.
  • Insulated slide floors. Cougar replaces our competitors' basic radiant foil protection with an astro-foil barrier featuring a double-layer construction and air pockets for additional insulation in slide floors.
  • Two (2) roof vents. In hot climates, roof vents help release hot air that gets trapped under the roof decking. In cold temperatures, these vents help to release moisture, reducing condensation inside the coach.
  • Heated pass-through storage (fifth wheels). A heat register is positioned behind the convenience center in the pass-through storage to prevent water lines from freezing.
  • 12V electric heat pads on all holding tanks. Helps prevent holding tanks from freezing while camping and can also be used in transit.
  • 30,000 BTU furnace, and 5,500 BTU electric fireplace (most models). Unlike most competitors, Cougar features a 30,000 BTU furnace with a 5,500 BTU fireplace on most models, providing over 35,000 BTU's of heat.
  • Heated and enclosed underbelly. Cougar's sealed Coroplast underbelly has a layer of astro-foil insulation beneath the holding tanks with a second layer of fiberglass insulation above the tanks. A heating duct runs adjacent to the water lines pumping heat around the fresh tank to prevent tanks, waterlines, and gate valves from freezing.
  • Heated and enclosed convenience center.
  • PEX plumbing. Resistant to corrosion, pitting, and scaling, this residential plumbing uses fewer fittings, thereby reducing potential leaks. When compared to conventional copper and CPVC lines, PEX aids with heat retention in hot water lines, and diminishes condensation in cold water lines. Perhaps most importantly, PEX plumbing has the ability to expand up to three times its diameter should water lines freeze.
  • Standard 15,000 BTU Coleman Mach Quiet Series main A/C with exclusive Blade high-performance air management system.
  • Optional 13,500 BTU ducted second A/C. Cougars have an optional ducted and thermostatically controlled 2nd A/C.
  • Radiant foil barrier in front cap. Radiant foil reduces amount of radiant heat that can come from the units front cap during summer months.
  • Tinted windows. Reflects the sun's rays to keep the coach cooler.

*All testing done in an environmental chamber in a static test environment. Results will vary with each floor plan based on environmental conditions.