Delivers 20% More Air Flow

Today’s high-performance air conditioners are only as good as the systems that deliver the cooled air to your coach. Keystone’s new, patented Blade™ air handling system completely re-engineers RV ductwork and vent systems to deliver an average of 20% more cooling power*. Blade is also built to withstand the rigors of the road with rugged components designed to eliminate inefficiencies that commonly develop in RV HVAC systems over time.





Improved Airflow

Brilliantly designed to accelerate airflow with duct elbows and wyes that feature enlarged inlets and narrow as they push cooled air from the air conditioner through the full length of the ducting. This design reduces air turbulence (and the noise that goes with it) and increases air flow to more effectively cool the entire coach.





Eliminates Leaks

Inspired by Keystone’s Tuf-Lok™ duct connector design, the Blade™ system completely eliminates ALL failure-prone foil tape seals with the addition of new injection-molded duct inlet connectors and end-run caps, a new vent diffuser featuring a “collar” connector, and a redesigned A/C plenum box constructed from foil-faced foam board wrap. With these components, Blade addresses each common failure point: smoothing air flow, reducing leaks, and minimizing cooling performance loss over time.





360° Circulation

The Blade™ signature vent collar and diffuser create convection air currents within the coach, deliver 360° cool air circulation and eliminate hot and cool spots. The new Blade vent also gives owners the ability to adjust air flow if they choose.