Thursday January 14, 2019


Whether it’s for entertainment, staying in touch with family, or working remotely, internet service has become as important to some campers as water, power and sewer. Now, with the incorporation of an access antenna installed on every unit, your RV is  connected wherever you go!

A goal here at Keystone is to make your RV experience the best in can possibly be. Part of that experience is equipping our RVs with your favorite "at home" comforts. Kesytone's CEO Matt Zimmerman believes that equipping Keystone RV's with the ability to easily access internet service was a natural, and very important step to invest in; "Keystone is committed to delivering the ultimate ownership experience and part of that is leading with innovation and that sets the industry standard for comfort, quality safety and convenience," he said. 

Here's how it works:

1. Keystone preps the unit with an omni-directional rooftop antenna- The access antenna can receive a signal from any point regardless of the direction you are traveling, eliminating frustrating dead zones. Its ability to receive and amplify VHF, UHF, AM and 4G LTE signals makes this antenna a unique solution that ensures your RV is always connected.


- Comes with antenna and preps plate installed and ready for service 

- HD TV compatible 

- AM and FM signal 

- Dual 4G antennas optimize reception F

- 2X stronger signal strength 

- Built-in high gain low noise amplifier for minimum interference

2. Dealer installs LTE Wi-Fi router- LTE Wi-Fi router provides speeds up to 150Mbps and has a Wi-Fi booster for improved signal strength, with Gigabit Ethernet connections to easily provide wired connections to multiple devices. LTE Wi-Fi router offers a secure, private connection to ensure your information is safe. The router's built-in firewall and instant connection history makes sure that only recognized devices are connected and alerts users if an unfamiliar device is attempting to connect. 


- Wi-Fi booster

- Easily connects with multiple devices

- Connect up to 32 devices

- Instantaneous connection history

- WPS support

- *Must be purchased separately through your dealer or Furrion's website 

- *Router is needed for internet access

3. Select a data plan


- US Nationwide 4G LTE (available in Canada, spring 2019)

- Consistent and reliable connection

- 30 day pay-as-you-go plans and easy to top-up online

- 1 free GB with sign up

- GPS tracking and emergency roadside assistance also available for an additional fee

- No annual or service contract required

- User friendly account management interface