The Torflex® Advantage


With Dexter’s TORFLEX® rubber torsion suspension axles, you’ll have no concerns of damage to precious cargo due to road shock. TORFLEX unique independent axle suspension means a smoother ride for your trailer and a greater peace of mind for you. TORFLEX is now available on all 2024 Keystone Passport and Bullet lightweight travel trailers.

Dexter’s TORFLEX is a torsion arm suspension that is completely self-contained and protected within the axle tube. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly. The TORFLEX axle provides improved suspension characteristics relative to leaf spring axles through the unique arrangement of a steel torsion bar surrounded by four rubber cords encased in the main structural member of the axle beam.

Except for periodic inspection of the fasteners used to attach the TORFLEX axle to the vehicle frame, no other suspension maintenance is required on TORFLEX axles. TORFLEX axles are subject to the maintenance and inspection procedures regarding brakes, hubs, bearings, seals, wheels, and tires as outlined in Dexter’s current Operation Maintenance Service Manual.


  • Independent suspension and self-damping
  • Rubber cushioning eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • Less transfer of road shock for better cargo protection
  • Quieter during travel
  • Heat-treated solid steel inner bar with forged torsion arm provides maximum strength
  • Greater corrosion reistance, torsion axles are galvanized from the inside out
  • Cross bar construction is directly welded to the frame, adding stiffness
  • Axle can be used as a load carrying cross member
  • Precision machined steel spindle and integral cast iron hub-drums
  • Ten-year limited warranty
  • ISO 9001 Certified Production Environment