Understanding and Maintaining RV Windows

We delve into the world of RV windows, covering everything you need to know and even a few things you didn't think you needed to know.

RV Window Types

Join us as we walk through a Montana High Country, highlighting various window types common in RVs:

  • Egress (escape) windows
  • Slider windows
  • Crank outs
  • Picture windows or windshields, if equipped

Installation Insight

Before we dive into operation, let's understand how RV windows are installed. We'll showcase a demonstration window, complete with:

  • Window
  • Retaining ring
  • Ring-retaining screws
  • Putty or foam seal

Installed on the production line soon after the wall assembly, these components play a crucial role in your RV's integrity.

Operation and Maintenance

Follow us as we operate each window, discussing unique features and room-by-room screen removal. While RV windows differ from residential ones, they demand attention and regular maintenance. Neglecting components can lead to dreaded water leaks, something we want to avoid.

Bart's Tips:

  1. Check Window Seals: Examine where the window meets the wall for gaps or voids. Clean the area before applying silicone sealant. In extreme cases, consider window removal and reinstalling with putty or foam seal.
  2. Inspect Weep Holes: Ensure weep holes are clear to prevent condensation buildup. A clogged weep hole can cause damage by allowing water to pool up and run back into the RV.
  3. Avoid Pressure Washers: Never use a pressure washer for cleaning RV windows, as it can lead to problems.

Don't forget to include windows in your regular Saturday morning maintenance routine. It's the right thing to do for the longevity of your RV.