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Unveiling the Power SolarFlex Outlast Extreme System and Operations

Dive into the future of RVing as we unveil the power of the SolarFlex Outlast Extreme system! Join Master Technician Bart Taylor and Matt Wolkins of Future Solutions as they guide us through the innovative SolarFlex Outlast Extreme 1320i-L package and its operations.

Before we begin, let's address a common question: Why would an RV owner opt for this extensive solar setup, and what are the practical applications? How would they use it? With this system, the RV is fully equipped, granting the owner access to all of the appliances and ample power, whether connected to a power source or not. This versatility means the RV can venture anywhere—from campgrounds to remote wilderness areas—with full access to amenities.

Discover how our cutting-edge system, featuring a comprehensive list of components, keeps you powered up on the go:

  1. 6 High-efficiency 220-watt Solar Panels
  2. 2 50-amp Victron Smart MPPT Controllers
  3. Victron Cerbo-S GX
  4. Victron GX Touch 50 5" Color Display
  5. Victron Multiplus 3000-watt Inverter/Charger
  6. Victron SmartShunt Battery Monitor
  7. 2 GC3 Dragonfly Heated Lithium-ion Batteries
  8. Victron Connect app and features
  9. 2 Soft-Start Air Conditioners
  10. All outlets are inverted

Discover the steps to get the system up and running smoothly and gain expert energy management tips from Matt and Bart to maximize your SolarFlex Outlast experience.

Campsite Setup:

  1. Turn on 12 Volt Disconnect
  2. Turn on Inverter Disconnect
  3. Turn on Inverter
  4. Turn on Solar Panel Disconnects

RV Storage Steps:

  1. Turn off Inverter
  2. Turn off Inverter Disconnect
  3. If in covered storage: turn off solar panel disconnects
  4. If outdoor storage with sun: leave solar panel disconnected to continue to charge batteries
  5. Turn off 12 Volt Disconnect

Remember, monitoring your energy consumption is essential for all solar systems. By staying attentive to your usage patterns, you enable yourself to make informed decisions and enhance your energy efficiency.

Access manuals and FAQs online at to further your understanding of the SolarFlex Outlast Extreme 1320i-L system. Get ready to camp better and smarter with Keystone RV and Future Solutions. Like and subscribe to our channel for more insights into RV innovations and technology.

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