Slide-out Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial to ensuring a smooth and trouble-free journey. In this blog, we're focusing on a vital aspect of your RV—the slideouts. Before you dive into any maintenance or troubleshooting, understanding your slide-out mechanism is key.

Identifying Your Slide-Out Mechanism

Your RV may be equipped with various slide-out mechanisms, each with its unique characteristics. Before initiating any maintenance, take a moment to identify the type of slide-out mechanism your RV employs. This crucial step sets the stage for effective maintenance and troubleshooting.

Adjustments: Keeping Your Slideouts Aligned

Running your slides in and out, or even navigating bumpy roads, can gradually shift your slideouts out of alignment. Regular adjustments may be necessary to ensure optimal functionality. While adjustments might not always be needed, it's advisable to have your dealer review your slide-out operation during your annual check. This is the perfect time to address any potential alignment issues.

Seals: The Barrier Against Moisture

The integrity of your slideout seals is paramount to keeping moisture at bay. Twice a year, take a close look at your seals using a flashlight. Look for cracks or air pockets that could compromise their effectiveness. If any issues are spotted, promptly contact your local dealer for resealing. Even a small amount of moisture can have a serious impact on your RV.

Cleaning and Lubrication: Best Practices

Proper cleaning and lubrication play a crucial role in maintaining your slide-out mechanisms. In most cases, a simple wipe with a dry cloth is sufficient. Be cautious not to use excessive force or harsh cleaning agents. Debris can accumulate under your slide, both inside and out. Regularly check and clear any debris to ensure smooth operation.

For retracting your slides, Keystone RV recommends using slide slickers. These accessories help reduce wear and tear on your slide-out boxes and floors. Slide slickers are readily available for purchase at your local dealer or RV parts supplier.

By adhering to these maintenance tips, you're ensuring that your RV remains in top-notch condition for the long haul. A well-maintained RV equals a great camping experience.