RV Roof Care & Maintenance

Learn more about products you should be using on your RV roof.

Alpha Systems is a partner of Keystone RV offering leading-edge products and processes such as adhesives and sealants, roofing products, roto/blow molding, injection molding and butyl tape. LJ Lawton of Alpha Systems runs through some frequently asked questions about RV roofs, including various products and processes for RV roof maintenance and repair. In this video you will learn how to determine what sealants to use on your RV roof, and how to handle old sealant on your roof. We'll also explain roof bubbles, and the durability of the roof membrane. This video also addresses how to remove or reduce the appearance of black and grey spots or lines in the roof membrane. You'll also learn how Alpha determines warranty coverage or participation throughout an extended warranty after Keystone RV's warranty expires, along with some other common warranty questions.