1200i-L SolarFlex Operation and Understanding

Keystone RV teams up with Future Solutions, sharing valuable information on the SolarFlex 1200i-L System. Learn solar basics, how to operate the system, and many other features that will help you conserve and understand energy usage for your next adventure.

Solar Basics: This is a SolarFex 1200i-L system on a Montana fifth wheel.  The entire system will be located in the front storage compartment.

Three easy steps to starting your solar system:

  1.  Turn on the battery disconnect for the RV, the system gives 12-volt power to the entire coach.
  2. Turn the inverter disconnect on, providing 12-volt from the batteries to the inverter.
  3. Turn the inverter switch on, now you have AC power to 120V to wired outlets and A/C. The System is operating and ready to use.  RV has both 120 v and DC power inside the RV.

Using the Victron Connect App-Download the Victron Connect App on your mobile device. Locate your devices on the app and match them up to the component list as detailed in the front of your RV. QR Code to set up Cerbo connection for Wi-Fi service. If you do not see the devices on the app, then your batteries are in protection mode or asleep, you will need to go through the process of waking them up.

How can I monitor my energy usage? You will want to know the standard usage of your components.  The app shows the percentage of the current charge, hours remaining, and current draw. On this particular RV, monitoring and control devices are here in this cabinet. This entire coach is inverted. So if I'm charging right now if at any point that light isn't lit and you're connected to shore power that power is not making it to the inverter and so you're not going to get in charge you're just running off a battery. This is one of the first places you need to look if you're having issues with your battery. That light needs to be on if you're plugged into Shore power. Second- you see the power was interrupted my charger light came on telling you there's still power available but the voltage wasn't very good, it will kick over to charging and load support. Some key features of this inverter are load-supporting and bulk charging.

Battery Heat-Lithium batteries are equipped with an internal heating system. You don't need additional Heat Blankets. They are actually heated from the inside but you need to be able to turn them on and off using the battery heat switch.  They are not on all the time and you don't want them to be.  Lithium batteries have internal temperature monitors, when the temperature drops below 32°Farhenheit, the heat will kick on allowing them to take a charge.

What are the components of the 1200i-L? The 1200i_l comes with the standard package of 1200 watts of solar including 4-300 watt solar panels, 2 docking ports, 2-Victron 50 Amp SmartSolar Charge Controllers, 2-Dragonfly Energy GC3 Batteries-270 Amp Hours each, a 3000 watt Magnum Hybrid Inverter (every outlet is inverted), a Victron Smart Shunt and a Battery Guardian.

Can I run A/C with the 1200i-L? No, solar doesn’t run anything, it charges the battery. It’s the inverter that runs the A/Cs and receptacles.  Solar gets all the credit for green energy from the sun, but you need all the correct components: Inverter+Battery+Solar=Running A/Cs.

How can I get the most out of the sun? Clouds, sunshine, trees, and campgrounds all affect how much energy you get. Positioning of the panels helps optimize during peak hours of sunshine. This system is a parallel system with two sets of panels 600 watts each two Chargers both charging the battery and they're wired directly to the battery so when you hit your disconnect they still continue to work. For instance, if you’re parked in a campground under a large tree and the back half of your coach doesn't have any sunshine it's not going to affect the front half of the coach having solar.

How do I maintain the 1200i-L System?  Panels-when the solar panel is cool, rinse with water and wipe dust and films off. DO NOT use heavy dish soaps or run cold water on a HOT panel.

What do I need to do with my solar when using Long Term Storage? Charge batteries up, shut inverter off, turn off inverter disconnect, turn off 12v disconnect battery. You are not disconnecting solar, it will be able to still charge and maintain the lithium batteries

Can I do anything I want with this solar system? No, you have to be aware of the amount of power you are using and the amount of battery storage you have available.  Energy consumption is very important.