Understanding your Tankless Water Heater and how it works on-demand.

With advancements in technology, the RV industry is starting to see a trend toward tankless water heaters, and Keystone RV is going all in! There are several advantages to using a tankless water heater:

  1. Conservation of energy usage.
  2. Hot water on demand; there is no recovery or heating period, creating an endless supply.
  3. Increased control of the temperature setting of the water.
  4. Off-grid capability; runs on very low amp draw and propane gas.

Master Technicians Matt and Bart share some additional efficiencies when using tankless water heaters. They answer some frequently asked questions.

  1. Since there is not a water tank, does this change my process for winterizing my RV? The water heater bypass valves for winterizing are no longer needed; this saves you a step in winterizing your RV.
  2. What are some key tips I need to know about using a tankless water heater system? The rate of flow affects the temperature of the water as it is heated. For example, if you have the kitchen sink hot faucet turned fully on, the water has less time to heat as it is passing through the heater. If you reduce the faucet flow, you can maximize the heating of the water being used. Think of it this way: if you increase water flow, you will have a reduced water temperature; if you decrease the water flow, you will raise the temperature. You can also turn on the cold water with the hot to achieve the desired temperature.
  3. Should I be concerned if the RV park has low water pressure? How will this affect my system? City water connections at RV parks can have low or varying water pressure. If this condition occurs and cannot be resolved, then we recommend filling the fresh water tank and using the onboard water pump.
  4. If the system is "On-Demand", does that mean I will have HOT water instantly? Great question, and the answer is NO. The tankless water heater must see a demand on the system before it turns on to heat. Turning on a hot water faucet allows the water heater to sense the demand. Which starts the water flow, ignites the burner, and then begins heating the water as it passes through. Just like a traditional water heater, you will run the cold water out of the line until the hot water presents itself. The difference is that you get an endless supply of hot water, and the burner turns off when the water is shut off. Unlike a traditional tank, where the burner continues to run until the tank of water reaches its preset temperature and turns on and off multiple times a day to maintain that temperature when it’s not being used,

Keystone RV listens to your camping needs and how you wish to camp better. With the added features and benefits of installing tankless water heaters, you now have more time with hotter water to enjoy your shower, regardless of how many campers are in your RV. Just another way Keystone RV helps you camp better!

A special thanks to JonesIn2Go for their help in making this video!