Learn the many different styles of RV Monitor Panels and how they operate.

Welcome to another Keystone RV First Time Camper Series video. We are going to discuss monitor panels. What they control, how to read them and how they work.

Depending on which Keystone brand you own, or one you are looking to purchase, be aware there are many different styles of monitor panels. They can range from a very simple panel to a more extensive panel with many features. It is best to become familiar with your monitor panel before heading out on any adventures.

Battery—First lets look at the battery. Your RV has a battery or batteries providing 12 volt power to the RV, the monitor will show the state of charge. The range is displayed in Low, Fair, Good, or Charged as indicated by the following letters. If- you have an iN-Command panel, it will show voltage instead of a range.

Holding Tanks—Next, we will look at the holding tanks. The monitor will show the levels of liquid inside the holding tanks for Black, Grey and Fresh water. The range is displayed in thirds, from empty, one-third, two-thirds and full. When checking tank levels a good indicator a tank may need to be cleaned will be the level stays the same even after dumping. Time for a good cleaning! For more information on holding tanks-watch video Understanding your RV Holding Tanks.

Water Pump—Moving on, we have the water pump switch. The water pump uses the fresh water in the fresh water holding tank. This turns it on and off when you don't have access to city water. If you are on city water-do not use the water pump. Check out video on Water Supply for more information.

Water Heater—Finally, is the water heater switch for the gas/electric water heater. This switch will turn the water heater on and off for gas and/or electric. Sometimes the switch will be mounted in its own location, models will vary depending on equipment.

Note—It is also a must to have a fully charged battery to provide the adequate voltage for the monitor panel to work correctly.

We hope this video will help you understand your equipment and give you many years of enjoyment out there. For more information, check out the other First Time Camper Series Videos.