Stabilizer Jack Replacement Do-It-Yourself

Owning an RV teaches new skills—learning maintenance and replacement techniques becomes second nature. Bart and Matt walk us through replacing a manual crank-style stabilizer jack.

  1. Compare the replacement stabilizer to the same size and style as the old one being removed.
  2. Chock tires so the RV will not move while under it.
  3. Remove the stabilizer. You may need to remove screws, nuts, and bolts, or even grind welded portions. To remove old stabilizers using a grinder, do not forget those safety glasses.
  4. Clean the frame mounting surface for the new stabilizer.
  5. Place the new stabilizer up to the frame and start the first bolt with a screw gun to hold the stabilizer in place. We do recommend using a bolt and nut on at least one of the four mounting holes; this is a means of retaining the stabilizer to the frame in the event a fastener should break off during transit.
  6. After all the fasteners are installed, test it out.

If all is smooth and the stabilizer extends and retracts fully and smoothly, then you are done. Congratulations! You have changed your stabilizer, saving you time and money.