RV Entry Door Handle: Replace and Do-It-Yourself

Master Technicians from Keystone RV, Matt and Bart, walk us through replacing entry door grab handles in your RV. The replacement process is easy to do and will also save you time and money.

Tools you will need on hand:

Screw gun with #2 square bit or #3 Phillips bit

Adhesive Remover/alcohol cleaner

Shop towels and rubber gloves

Butyl putty or foam tape

Putty Stick

Caulk gun and sealant

New RV entry grab handle and hardware

Step by step guide on removing old handles:

  1. Remove retaining screws holding the handle to the sidewall. NOTE to remove bottom screws first-this allows the handle to hang freely without spinning and damaging the sidewall.
  2. After the handle is removed, prep the area by cleaning off any old adhesive or gasket material.

Step by step guide on reassembling replacement entry door handle:

  1. Apply base sealing material (best to use the same that was used originally from factory install).
  2. Place handle over the existing holes and HAND start a screw-NOTE to start at the top first.
  3. Hand screw each remaining screw into the sidewall.
  4. Tighten the screws-use caution to not strip out the existing holes. Tighten evenly, DO NOT overtighten. The handle is to be firmly attached.
  5. Add a secondary seal around the handle to the wall.

You are all set with the new replaced handle!