RV Compartment Door: Replace and Do-It-Yourself

Today were teaming up with Keystone RV Master Technicians, Matt and Bart as they demonstrate steps to replace a RV Compartment Door.

You will need these tools before starting:

  1. Screw gun with square bit
  2. Razor knife
  3. Putty stick
  4. New RV compartment door
  5. Small flat screwdriver
  6. Putty, Caulk and Caulk gun
  7. 1" screws
  8. Adhesive remover/alcohol cleaner
  9. Shop towels and rubber gloves.

Before you begin, it is important to consider a few areas — the size and weight of the door, can you handle alone or need assistance, and if your door has a decal on it. (You will want to have additional decals on hand.) Does the door you are replacing have struts, magnet latches or T-latches? If so you will need to remove them from the old door and install on the new door.

Now we are ready to follow our team of experts as they discuss the steps involved, allowing you to save time and money and not missing out on any camping adventures!

As you get started, a new door from the warehouse comes only with locks and latches already installed. Follow each detailed step below:

  1. Take the door off by first removing the struts and screw cover if equipped.
  2. Prop the door up and open.
  3. Remove all the screws from the frame and then shut the door.
  4. Cut the existing sealant to release the door from the wall.
  5. Pull the door free, REMEMBER to be careful not to damage the other part of the decal.
  6. If equipped, take the old magnet or catch off the old door and install it on the new door.
  7. Clean the compartment door area/surface with adhesive remover and then prep it with alcohol.
  8. Prep the new door frame with putty or sealant.
  9. Push the door into the opening and add a screw in each corner, open and close the door to ensure a good fit that does not bind or gap, adjust if necessary and install the remaining screws.
  10. Remove excess putty and clean the surface.
  11. Clean the surface of the door then install the new decal (if applicable).
  12. Seal around the edge.
  13. Install the screw cover if equipped.

*Always use caution when working on your RV. If you are uncomfortable, stop and schedule an appointment with a Keystone dealer. A professional service technician should work on safety-related items. Keystone RV is not responsible for damages or injuries that occur as a result of any of the information contained in this video