RV Wall Trim Replacement


·         A flat bar or putty knife or putty stick

·         A Brad nailer with 18ga, 1” nails or you can use finish nails of same size and a hammer.

·         Nail punch

·         Pliers

·         Trim Shears

·         Putty to match but not required.

·         Masking tape

·         Tape Measure



1.       The first step is to remove the old piece of trim. Using a flat bar remove all brad nails from old trim and wall stud.

2.       Gently work the trim free from the brad nails that hold it in place.  Do this at every brad nail location.  When pulling the trim free from the wall, brad nails may be pulled free as well and stick out the other side. It is important to be aware of these so you do not injure yourself when discarding the trim. 

3.       At this point we can either remove the brad nails, or use a small punch and a hammer to tap these flush so that the new piece of trim can lay flat. 

4.       Measure the area to cover adding a margin of 1 inch when cutting our new piece of trim.

5.       Set the trimmed off end flush to the ceiling, allow the trim to run vertical with the seam you are trying to cover.  Once the desired location is reached, place 2 1-inch 18 gauge brad nails in the top of the trim with your brad nailer (You can also use small finishing nails and a hammer to help hold it in place)

6.       Using one hand to secure the seam about half way down the wall, use your brad nailer to secure every 6 to 8 inches.

7.       With the trim half way secured, we can now start trimming off our bottom section to fit.  With the trim flat to the wall, use your trim shears to mark where the trim should lay.  Place the trim shears horizontal and cut the excess material off (It is a good idea to cut a little long the first time to be sure of a good fit). 

8.       Use your pin nailer to finish attaching the trim. Remember to space the pin nails 6 to 8 inches apart.

9.       Once the trim is secured, use your finger to gently verify all pin nails are recessed into the trim.  If there are any high nails, use your punch and hammer to drive them down flush.

10.   If you prefer a finished look go through with your putty and fill any recessed nail holes. Use a rag to wipe away any excess putty and you’re finished.