120 Volt Electrical Systems

In simpler terms:

  1. 12-Volt system is what an automobile uses
  2. 120-Volt system is what powers the outlets in your home

To power, the 120-volt system, plug the shoreline cord into an outside power source or connect to a generator if equipped. Your unit is equipped with a converter or battery charger that only operates when the shoreline cord is plugged into an appropriate 120V power source or generator.  This converts 120V to 12V to operate your 12V features in your unit, also sends a low charge to your battery.

120-Volt Configurations

  1. 30 Amp Service: Most commonly used in RVs and available in campgrounds.  Many items in your Keystone RV operate on 12-volt power and do not require much energy. It is recommended to only run one major 120-volt appliance at a time to avoid tripping breakers.
  2. 50 Amp Service: Vehicles equipped with 50 amp service can run two air conditioners in addition to a few other appliances at the same time when plugged into a 50 amp outlet.


Adapters are available for the conversion of electrical sources. A few adapter options include a 30 amp cord that allows you to plug into a standard wall receptacle that is not GFCI protected and a 50 amp cord into a 30 amp service or a standard wall receptacle that is not GFCI protected. Do not run any 120-volt appliances when plugged into a standard 15-amp wall outlet. Adapters are only intended to run the converter, which supplies 12-volt power for interior lights, and charge the battery. Adapters are not to be used when using an extension cord, and do not plug multiple extension cords together. This can cause operational problems with the RV and increase the risk of fire, property damage, and personal injury.

Breakers and Fuses

The breaker panel is located inside the unit next to the 12-volt distribution panel. If using an adapter, be mindful of the energy consumption, as they increase resistance and may trip breakers.  If a fuse is blown or a breaker is tripped, always identify the cause and correct it before installing new fuses or breakers.  Never install a fuse or breaker with a higher rating than specified.

Further questions

For further questions regarding fuses, breakers, and electrical power, refer to your Keystone Owner’s Manual, your dealer, or feel free to contact us at 866-425-4369.