HOW-TO: Level-Up Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your Level-Up System

If you've gotten to the campground and your RV's leveling system doesn't seem to be operating quite right, there are are few things might be able to do.

Level-Up Troubleshooting

Your RV Level-Up System Shows No Display
  • Make sure your RV is connected to shore power or other power source
  • Check to see if fuses are operating
  • Make sure your battery is connected and charged
  • If power is working and there is still no display, call your dealer for service
Your RV Level-Up System Shows An Error Code
  • If the system is physically unable to level the RV because of uneven terrain, an "Out of Stroke", "Excess Angle", "Jack Timeout" or "Auto Level Fail" error code will be displayed
  • Do not force the system to level if an error code is received, there is risk of bending the RV's frame
  • RV is not in a good position if the Level-Up system forces its wheels off of the ground
  • If possible, move the RV to more even ground
  • You may be able to use leveling blocks to compensate for the uneven terrain