Easy DIY to Replacing a Cabinet Door Handle in the RV

Replacing a cabinet door handle in an RV involves simple steps that can be completed with one basic tool. Bart and Tori walk through the steps on this simple do-it-yourself project.

  1. Gather necessary tools: You'll likely only need a screwdriver and the replacement handle and hardware.
  2. Remove the handle: Most handles are attached with screws, so use a screwdriver to unscrew them and detach the handle from the cabinet door.
  3. Install the new handle: follow the manufacturer's instructions to install them correctly. Align the handle with the holes and insert the screws. Use a screwdriver to tighten them securely, but be careful not to overtighten, as it can strip the holes or damage the handle.
  4. Test the handle: After completing the repair, test the handle to ensure it functions properly and doesn't have any excess play or wobbling. Open and close the cabinet door a few times to verify the repair's effectiveness.

Following the simple steps to replace a cabinet door handle means no visit to the service shop, easy installation that you can do at the campground. And, all saving you time and money—just another way Keystone RV helps you Camp Better!