Slideout Fascia Replacement in the RV

Whether you are looking to replace damaged pieces or wishing to change the look, this video guides you along the way on how to replace the slideout fascia in your RV. RVs have multiple styles of molding and fasteners out there and yours may be different. Don’t worry as the steps will be the same.

List of tools needed – Screw gun with a #2 square bit, Putty Knife or Pry-Bar, Tape Measure, Side-cut, Pliers or Nail Puller, Colored Wood Putty, Shop Towel, Air Compressor, Hose and Nail Gun, Miter Saw and a place to lay out the moldings and tools.

Matt and Bart demonstrate the steps to follow for replacement:

  1. Remove the old molding—labeling each piece with its location and measurements.
  2. Prep the backer board by removing the old brad nails and ensuring the surface is clean and smooth for the new fascia.
  3. Measure the new pieces. Remember measure twice cut once, cut them to length. Follow this step for each piece until all prepped.
  4. Nail new molding in place
  5. Nail trim covers on.
  6. Install the corner and center block pieces.
  7. Finish up with a final touch-apply putty to nail holes and wipe away excess.

Following the steps to replace the slideout fascia means no visit to the service shop, easy installation that you and your neighbor can do at the campground. And, all saving you time and money—just another way Keystone RV helps you Camp Better!