Summer Destination Travel

How to Choose the Perfect Spot for Your RV Adventures
May 29, 2024
By: 2 Veterans On The Move (Bob and Grace), Brand Ambassadors

Bob and Grace are retired Air Force veterans who have been traveling full-time with their dog Bailey since early 2019. Before retiring, no specific place truly felt like home to them, so they decided to follow their passion for travel and explore the country in search of a place to settle down.

With minimal RV experience, they spent two years researching and preparing to buy and move into their very first RV, a Keystone Montana 3810MS, and embraced the full-time travel life. After four years on the road, they realized they had adapted to “living small” and could downsize even more for greater flexibility. They researched their options again and decided to stay within the Montana line. Once they saw the layout of their current Montana High Country 311RD, they knew it was perfect for the next season of their travel adventures.

Summer Destination Travel: How to Decide Where to Go?

No matter if you are a weekend traveler, a snowbird, or a full-time RV traveler like we are, it's always exciting when the weather starts to warm up because that means “camping season” is just around the corner! When it comes to deciding where to spend your summer adventures, there are plenty of factors that can make all the difference in how you and your family are able to experience a destination, regardless of the length of stay. So what goes into determining summer travel destinations and how long you plan to stay?

Weekend stays:

For shorter weekend stays, depending on how far you are willing to travel, you may want to stick to local destinations in order to maximize the time you have to enjoy your camping experience. When it comes to weekend stays like this, the location and specific place you decide to stay at may have a bigger impact on what attractions the local area may have to offer.

Why? Because not all RV sites are made equal, it can have a big impact on your overall visit. Whether that be at an RV resort, campground, state park, or even a military base campground for those with access, when you’re trying to enjoy a quick weekend getaway, being at a less than ideal RV site can really affect your overall experience.

Spending a little extra time researching the overall park, its amenities, and the route to get there can make all the difference.

Extended road trip adventures:

For some who may have a bit more flexibility, summertime means the ability to take an extended road trip and plan to visit a few different locations.

When it comes to locations like these, paying a little more attention to the surrounding area can help add to the experience. Are there parks or hikes you can explore? Are there local attractions to visit? Maybe there is a local event scheduled during your visit that you don’t want to miss.

For extended road trips, the amenities a park has available also begin to become more of a consideration. If you don’t have a washer and dryer in your RV, you may need access to a laundry room. For families with smaller children, an outdoor playground or even a recreation room with games and activities may be important factors to consider.

But these road trips aren’t always just about the ‘main destinations’. Depending on your travel pace or if you’re on a timeline to get to an area, remembering to schedule several overnight stays that may be needed to get you to your main locations will be important. Even though these stops may be just about getting from one place to another, there are still things to consider.

Is the area where you plan to stay the night in a safe neighborhood? Is it easily accessible, or does it take you off your main route? Are you traveling with kiddos or pets? Looking for a safe space to allow them to release some energy can be necessary, especially if you have longer travel days. Along with keeping in mind having access to the basics nearby, like fuel, and potentially a grocery store to restock on essentials if needed,.

Seasonal summer stays:

For others, longer seasonal summer stays of more than a month may be the best option. These stays are best when you have a location that you want to spend time exploring, or maybe there is a specific climate you want to spend the summer in.

When you decide to spend a longer amount of time in a place, it can shift your focus to taking a deeper look at what is available in the surrounding area. Are there a variety of areas for you to get out to explore? If you’re traveling with pets, you may want to research the area for activities or places you can visit that are pet-friendly. With longer stays, you may want to make sure there are necessary resources available in the area for medical care, receiving mail, or even preventative maintenance on your vehicle or RV.

Seasonal stays aren’t only about the surrounding area; they also mean the place you decide to stay will have an impact on your visit. Are you looking for somewhere quiet to relax, or do you want a place with plenty of activities to choose from? These longer stays can also be a way to save on costs, as many locations offer discounted rates for monthly or seasonal stays.

Leveling up the summer camping experience:

No matter if you’re only staying for a weekend or an extended seasonal stay, once you get to your destination, it’s all about making the most of your time and doing things that can help level up your experience.

One of the reasons we chose our Keystone Montana High Country 311RD was for the outdoor kitchen. The fact that it has a pull-out griddle was important, as we knew the convenience of having it would help get us cooking outside more often. The ease of being able to just pull out the griddle, quick-connect, and fire it up makes such a difference!

Not only is it simple to use, but it also allows us to get back some of our storage space by not having to store a separate stand-alone cooktop, which is key when packing for a quick weekend trip or as a full-time traveler. With the summer season coming, we’re looking forward to enjoying the weather with plenty of outdoor meals!

Planning your summer trips will vary from person to person and place to place, so making sure you consider your family goals for your trip will go a long way in making it the best experience for the entire family. So whether it be a long weekend stay, an extended road trip, or maybe a seasonal summer stay, make sure to stay focused on your main reason for the adventure and enjoy the journey!

Are you ready to kickstart your own summer adventures? We hope these tips have sparked your inspiration for choosing the perfect RV travel destinations. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a seasoned road tripper, or planning a longer stay, there's a spot out there waiting just for you. Join us on Instagram at @2VeteransOnTheMove to follow our journey and discover even more travel inspiration. Here's to happy travels and unforgettable memories ahead!