Sprinter 3900DBL: A Fifth Wheel You'll Appreciate

Product Manager, Jeff Kloska, camps out with his family
November 18, 2022
By: Team Keystone

Jeff Kloska, Product Manager of Sprinter, designed a fifth wheel with families in mind

This 43' fifth wheel was designed with large families in mind. Jeff Kloska, Sprinter's Product Manager, has twelve siblings and five kids of his own, so he knows the struggle of finding something that's perfect for his family. While we've got quite the lineup of bunkhouses, there's not as many that can comfortably accommodate several children--and even a puppy.

Kloska family outside
Meet the Kloska family: Jeff, his wife Megan, children Oscar (19), Abe (18), Chloe (9), Camille (9), Liam (3) and dog, Lady (6 months)

We wanted this bunk house floor plan to be different from the start. This is the longest Sprinter to date, and there's a reason for it. Sleeping space, tank size, appliances, and overall engineering were all factors when creating this RV. Big families understand the pains that come with camping, but we wanted to make the transition into an RV as easy as possible. In fact, Sprinter is "camping made easy." No more bringing along an extra tent because you need more room to sleep the kids; no more running out of room to store things that your kids deem necessary.

Families with more than a couple of kids will feel right at home in this Sprinter 3900DBL. Sprinter has been a flagship brand from the beginning, and with over twenty-five years of experience, it's always been a great option for any sized family. Out of our 18 Sprinter floor plan options, we've got five bunk houses that are sure to appease small and large families alike.

Sprinter is known for their 100" wide body construction, which allows for a more open, comfortable space. This means wider hallways, a better bunkhouse configuration, and extra space in the kitchen. In this floor plan, you'll find a 75 gallon fresh water tank. Something new for 2023 is the Girard Tankless Water Heater. The advantage of having this is that it helps regulate your water temperatures so you've got hot water whenever you need it the most. Anyone with kids knows getting into a routine with showering and bathing is no easy feat, but with Sprinter, you can rest easy knowing you've got what you need at your finger tips. As far as sleeping room goes, you can sleep up to ten people. While on the road, you're sure to make friends, so even if you've got a smaller family, you and your kids will always have extra sleeping room at the ready if need be. Storage is not an issue either. The 3900DBL has over 60 cu. ft. of storage from front to back--talk about impressive.

Sprinter Main Shot
Sprinter Storage

Everything in the Sprinter 3900DBL just makes sense. In the main slide, there's a free standing table in the dining area, with storage and an extension for that added touch of space--no more fighting for the best spot to eat. You'll love anywhere you sit. In the same slide, there are the largest windows in the class for the best ventilation. The comfy theater seats are built in with wireless phone charging; so no more dealing with pesky cables that tangle. The living area is a great place to unwind, but still gives you a clear view of your campsite. Which is perfect if your kids are playing outside. They can stay in your peripheral the entire time while you're cooking dinner or lounging inside.

"The hallmark of Sprinter is that it delivers more living space in each and every floor plan. We wanted to push the envelope with the 3900DBL, and did so spectacularly. This unit has SO much space, and has plenty of room for even the biggest families; like mine." - Jeff Kloska"

The back bunk room has not one, not two, but THREE bunks AND a trifold fold-out couch! With a TV hookup, there's already built in entertainment for the kids. Even better, behind the TV there is more storage in case the kids want to bring along extra stuff. The advantage of the back bunk room is that there is a second bathroom so the kids have a private space all to themselves if they want it. Not only does this bathroom have hidden bunk storage for any linen or towels, but there's a second entry from the outside with a solid step entrance. Great for messy kids who can step right into the bathroom when they're done playing outside.

Adding to the appeal, the exterior is loaded with three full awnings, which equals to over 30' of shade; making this the perfect RV for indoor and outdoor living. As on all Sprinters, this RV has auto leveling and consumers have the option to upgrade from SolarFlex 200 to the 400-i package. To make this floor plan even more of a deal, there's an outside kitchen with a refrigerator and griddle--perfect for spending time outside.

Sprinter 3900DBL Outside Kitchen

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