Fifty And Fifth Wheeling

What Are You Waiting For?
September 10, 2020
By: Team Keystone

They couldn’t wait for "retirement life," so they didn’t.

Although their dream was to start full-timing after retirement, Kelley and Renee are actually living it out now. The couple’s temporary relocation plan turned into a new lifestyle when they fell in love with their Keystone Raptor.

“We initially bought it to start camping again on weekends and holidays.” Renee said. “Kelley's job relocated us to Georgia… we hauled the camper there with the intent of him living in it just until we found a house. We loved the RV park and its location and thought: Why not? Let’s try tiny living. We have been living tiny for over a year.”

They jumped in and never looked back. She volunteers with the nonprofit organization Sunshine on a Ranney Day. They renovate homes for children with special needs using top of the line construction and design. Renee is also a blogger and she shares the @fiftyandfifthwheeling story with the world via their social media channels. And even though Kelley is working as a Senior Field Operations Manager for General Motors five days a week, he and Renee are hitting the road whenever they have the chance.

We may be living tiny but we have the world’s largest suitcase." - Kelley, Fifty and Fifth Wheeling

These days, it's no longer just the Kelley and Renee in their Raptor. Renee explains, “We are 50 and fulltimers. We are empty-nesters, well, we were until Corona.  Now, both our kids and grand dog are staying with us.” Any free time, like weekends and holidays, is used to the maximum potential as these full-timers travel the country living out their dreams. From mountaintops to sandy beaches – Kelley and Renee teach us you don’t have to wait until retirement to start living life in a way that feeds your soul.

Keyston eRaptor being hauled by a truck in the fall
Keyston eRaptor being hauled by a truck