OTG Solar Package

Get peace of mind with factory-installed solar power
September 3, 2020
By: Team Keystone
Beginning Fall 2021, all Keystone models feature the company's SolarFlex packages.

Please scroll down to learn more about the OTG Solar Package featured on 2021 Cougar, Cougar Half-ton, Passport and Bullet models.

Introducing SolarFlex™

Now available on all Keystone models

Shattering customers' expectations of factory solar power.

Keystone's OTG Solar Package was available on 2021 Cougar, Cougar Half-ton, Passport and Bullet models. This package eliminates the trial and error of cobbling together an aftermarket solution.
OTG Solar Prep: Wired up and ready to go

Because select Keystone brands come prepped for after-market solar power systems, owners will save time and money when you make the decision to take things to the next level and go solar. Travel trailers and fifth wheels with OTG prep include factory wiring for up to 510 watts of roof-mounted solar panels; a side port for portable solar panels; connections for a solar power inverter, inverter charger and batteries located in the pass-through storage; and up to five outlets prepped for inversion, depending on the model. With OTG prep you have the flexibility to pick and choose aftermarket components that meet your specific needs.

Factory-installed OTG Solar Power Packages

With Keystone’s optional OTG package, owners receive components were handpicked by the Keystone engineering team for their compatibility and quality. You also get the additional assurance of installation that is integrated into the build process and done by a team that is intimately familiar with you coach. OTG packages typically include a 170w Zamp roof-mounted solar panel; a 1,200 or 2,000w pure sine wave inverter (wattage varies by brand); a 30 amp Zamp solar charging system; and up to five fully inverted outlets, depending on the model. See dealer for specific details. Factory installation is also covered by Keystone's warranty.

Graphic explaining the components of Keystone RV's OTG solar power system
  • Dual-port access with solar charger prep located in pass-through storage compartment
  • Sidewall port access for portable solar panel systems
  • Inverter prep storage located in pass-through storage compartment
  • Up to five (5) 110V outlets on every unit are prepped for inverted use with wiring conveniently terminated in the pass-through storage to connect to the inverter when added (The number of inverted outlets varies by brand.)
  • One (1), 170 watt Zamp roof-mounted solar panel, expandable up to 510 watts with aftermarket equipment
  • One (1), 30 AMP Zamp solar charging system
  • One (1), 1,200 or 2,000 watt pure sine inverter (varies by brand)
I love solving these fundamental industry problems every day and allowing campers to have a better experience…" - John Brock, Keystone R&D Engineer
  1. GROWS WITH YOU: These systems are designed to easily expand if you want to upgrade your solar power system in the future.
  2. FACTORY INSTALLATION: All solar prep and package components are fully integrated during manufacturing avoiding unsightly installation, costly labor, and potential wiring incompatibility.
  3. DEDICATED INVERTED OUTLETS: Three to five outlets in the RV can be inverted to receive energy from a solar system. These outlets are conveniently located in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room.
  4. SUBTLE & SUSTAINABLE: Powering an RV with solar means no disruptive generator sounds or smells and feeling good about reducing your environmental footprint.
  5. UNPLUG & UNWIND: Enjoy the freedom that comes with more campsite options and getting off the grid.