Getting Away From City Life

Keystone RV Ambassador Spotlight
September 16, 2020
By: Team Keystone

"We see some crazy things that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to witness with all of the lights in the city.”

Nickolis and Cody are weekend warriors from Salt Lake City, Utah. As often as they can, they take their two dogs, Parker and Ivan camping in their Springdale travel trailer.

“The Uintah basin is gorgeous, peaceful, and it helps us get away from the hustle and bustle of city life - even if for just a few days!” Nickolis said. “My husband, Cody, was an avid camper with his family since birth. He introduced me to camping in the mountains in a tent and we realized we have the same passion for being in the great outdoors.”

Cody works as a lab technician. Nickolis is a claims adjuster for an insurance company and is also a full-time student. With homework, Nick wouldn’t normally be able to get out on the weekends. Being able to camp provides the balance of getting away with the practicality doing what he needs to do to stay up with his studies.

“We are both newbies to having a camper and learning as we go along. We’ve learned that life can be unexpectedly short and we want to live to the best of our abilities and enjoy the journey. Someday we would love to (RV) full time and travel across America, seeing all of the places we’ve never had the opportunity to explore yet!” 

Every time we go camping we look up into the night sky to see what incredible things the vastness of space has to offer." - Nickolis, weekend camper, Springdale owner
collage of a couple and their Springdale travel trailer