RV Organization Ideas from the Pros

A camper organization makeover by mDesign and ORDER by Kate
May 11, 2021
By: Team Keystone

We're about to change the lives of Keystone ambassadors Fifty and Fifthwheeling -- forever.

As we all know, getting your camper organized and keeping it organized is no easy feat. A quick Google search serves up dozens of blogs, tips and hacks to help campers deal with everything from minimizing the fall-out (literally) from rolling down the road to making use of vertical cabinet space. We put in a call to our partners at mDesign, who makes some of the coolest organization products we've ever seen, to present them with a challenge we knew they'd be up to: helping full-time travelers, Kelley and Renee Hayes from @fiftyandfifthwheeling tame the chaos inside of their Keystone Raptor. (We say that lovingly, because we've all been there too!) Professional organizers at ORDER by Kate put mDesign's space-savings solutions and products to work in the most troublesome storage areas in this toyhauler. Follow along on this three-part series as we get our arms around the opportunity, get to work, and unveil Kelley and Renee's storage makeover.