11 Appliances to Avoid When On RV Solar Power
August 13, 2021
By: Leandro Ortiz, Keystone Marketing

As any experienced off-grid camper will tell you, RV solar energy isn't necessarily unlimited. Weather conditions, panel size, battery size and more will impact how much power is available at any given time. Keeping an eye on power consumption helps avoid surprises. Here's our list of the "electric eleven" that you'll want to think twice about before you flip the switch.

1. Hair Dryers

Blow dryers are a common culprit for tripped breakers in RVs. They save many from a messy hair day, it’s no wonder! In addition, they pull between 1800w and 2500w, making them a massive drain on battery power. When you’re off the grid, you might consider grabbing a ball cap and taking a break from your usual hair routine.

2. Full-Size Keurig

Keurig’s have grown to become one of the most accessible appliances for many travelers and homeowners. Their ability to fit almost anywhere and connect almost anywhere makes them just more convenient for everyone! However, Keurig’s tend to use an estimated 200-400w and max-out at 1500w, making them a solid drain on battery power. Making sure to give your Keurig a rest while off the grid will go a long way in saving battery! 

3. Space Heaters

Space heaters always seem to come in handy when one tends to get a bit chilly. The cordial comfort they provide gives many great feelings of contentment and relaxation. However, those feelings of comfort might disable one from acknowledging that space heaters use between 2000-5000w! That’s quite an amount of energy so being cautious of the amount of battery it drains is crucial.

4. Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a near necessity for many throughout the years. The ability to have access to something that cools our surroundings and allows us to rest in a relaxed environment grants individuals superior levels of tranquility. Nonetheless, the average air conditioners in an average-size camper require about 1,900-3,500W to startup and between 600-1,700W to run! One might consider substituting their air conditioner with the natural breeze of opened windows when off the grid!

5. Big Griddles

Griddles have come to be one of the most convenient and innovative cooking appliances there are. They not only allow one to cook in a timely manner but also allow one to cook almost anywhere! As portable and convenient as they are, it’s important for one to know that a griddle runs between 1000-1800W of energy! They are definitely a drain in one’s battery storage so keeping tabs on the amount of time one spends on the griddle will go a long way.

6. Fireplace

Within the last few years, there has been a significant increase in fireplaces added onto appliances including homes and recreational vehicles. Not only do they offer a slick modern look to the overall aesthetic, but they also give off warmth to make one feel more comfortable. However, fireplaces tend to use about 1,500W of energy so being aware of the power it drains is crucial!

7. Power Tools

Power tools have allowed us to use less manual force with more precision. Whether something goes wrong or a certain project comes to mind, they’re always there. Not many more items are a traveling necessity than these! Although they’re quite handy, we should be aware of the battery storage they eat up. For example, an electric drill uses between 500-960W, a disc sander uses about 1200W and an angle grinder uses anywhere from 900-1500W! Making sure one is aware of how much battery our useful tools use is important to know when off the grid!

8. Electric Coolers

Electric coolers make traveling seem much more enjoyable for everyone. Not having to worry about our beverages getting warm or our food going bad is always a plus. Nonetheless, electric coolers pull between 65-80W of energy! Although they might not use up as much battery power as other appliances, making sure they aren’t running for extended periods of time will go a long way.

9. Microwave

Similar to griddles, microwaves are a very convenient cooking appliances many use. The luxury of warming food back up with the touch of a few buttons, or even cooking our entire meals in some cases, makes it that easier to eat nice warm food. However, microwaves tend to pull between 600-1,700W of energy so being aware of the battery usage is essential!


10. Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are a great appliance to use that offers the ability to heat things up quickly and save energy, especially in comparison to a conventional oven. Anywhere from reheating meals to baking pizza, to baking cookies is all something toaster ovens can handle. Although they are very convenient, they use between 1,200-1,400W of power! When off the grid, taking a break from the baking will be beneficial!

11. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a common cleaning appliance that is extremely portable. They pull between 300-1500W which happens to be a massive battery drainer if used extensively when off the grid. Swapping it out for a traditional broom and dustpan might be something one keeps in mind when looking to save battery power!