What Makes A True Toy Hauler?

Learn Why Key Performance™ Models Are A Cut Above

November 18, 2020
By: Key Performance™ Team

Ben Swathwood shows us the Raptor toy hauler garage features and explains why you shouldn't settle for less if you're plannning to haul powersports vehicles.

In the past few years, many RV brands have introduced "toy hauler" models. Similarly, a number of new low-cost toy hauler RV's have come on to the market. Why? Owners love the flexibility of having a open "garage" space in their trailer to stash gear like kayaks and bikes. However, it's important to understand that not all toy haulers are created equal. Keystone's Key Performance brands (Raptor, Carbon, Fuzion & Impact) are designed specifically to haul powersports vehicles, with extra security built in for toys and the humans that travel with them.

In this video, Ben walks through some of the differences that are important to understand if you're considering buying a toy hauler. For Keystone Raptor toy hauler RV's these include:

  • A vapor-sealed door that separates the garage from the RV's living areas
  • No A/C return in the garage, so fumes are never recirculated through the coach
  • A separate entry into the garage
  • Frame-welded tie-downs rated for 5,000 lb or more (Ben shares a compelling explanation of the security advantages these have over D-rings)
  • Dovetail storage w/ steel plate door in the floor for batteries and tools
  • Zero-gravity ramp door that's rated for 3,000 lb in the ramp position
  • Back-up camera as a standard run feature

While Keystone's Key Performance toy hauler RV brands each have slightly different features, each of these floorplans is engineered with the rugged design and construction for our power sports customers.

Keystone Fuzion in desert with mountains in the background and dirt bikers in the foreground