Searching for the Right RV

Get Larson Lost opens up about the search for the right RV.
October 3, 2022
By: Get Larson Lost (Joshua & Hannah) 2022 KRV Brand Ambassadors

Research, research and research some more. When looking for a trailer we would recommend researching brands, models, and price points. Knowing what specific details you want in a trailer that fits your lifestyle is also a must.

We knew we wanted an RV that we could live in and that also had a garage. That was just the first step. You also need to consider If you plan on getting a pull behind or fifth wheel, and what is your tow vehicle. Make sure that your tow vehicle can pull your rig and then some. We recommend doing your own research and not relying on others. Our truck can handle double the load of our trailer and we are very comfortable when towing on the road. YouTube is a great source of information as there are a lot of videos of RV reviews and personal experiences. If you are planning on buying a toy hauler, we would recommend measuring the vehicles or toys you are planning to have in your trailer before purchasing one. We ended up buying our trailer not knowing if our Harley was going to fit as we did not think we were going to leave the sales lot as new RV owners. Also, if financially possible, we recommend buying your last RV first as it will save you money in the long run!

Once you own your new RV, we would recommend knowing all the ins and outs. Unfortunately, we did not catch all the information during our walkthrough. We had so many unanswered questions once we were home. Being so unsure about our walkthrough and the quality that was put in when they inspected our trailer, we decided to make an appointment with an RV repair shop to ease our minds. Thankfully, everything was solid. This also solidifies the notion we made before to research your brand. Keystone is known for its quality in trailers and its attention to detail. To strengthen our knowledge of our rig, we pulled out the RV manual which contained all the information about the rig and the appliances. We recommend that you do a “trial run” either somewhere local or just in front of your house! It may benefit you to go with someone who is knowledgeable about RVs. We did a trail run somewhere local with our parents and a full-time RV couple. We were able to ask even more questions and made notes about things to buy for the rig and also apps to use. 

 There are a couple of apps available to RVers. We enjoy staying at KOAs and use their app to make reservations. When we aren't staying at KOAs we use RV Life for reviews on other campgrounds. We have heard that Harvest Hosts is another great app to use when you just need overnight or a quick stay, but it does require a fee. We have a My Keystone app that has resources, how-tos, quick access for specific components/systems within the RV, finding a dealer, new model information, and contact information. My Keystone also has a DIY program and a “first-time camper series”. It has been beneficial!  

 We would like to share things that we have bought or replaced to make living full-time in our RV manageable. Hopefully, these items we mention will be beneficial to you. Our truck plays an important role in our organization. We invested in a truck camper and storage bins so we could store clothes/shoes we did not need for that season and other miscellaneous items. For the outside, we bought extensions for our water line, electrical line, and sewer line. We bought a plastic straw rug for the outside, velcro ladder rugs, and picnic table covers. To prevent any leakage of our sewer lines we bought a twist on waste valve. We use a cover for our trailer jack to prevent any sun damage. For our dog, we bought a tie-out cable that twists in the ground to keep him secure in our lot. In the living room, we have an adhesive key holder, an adjustable shoe rack, and adhesive velcro for hanging up the décor. Collapsible items for the kitchen are a must as it saves space; we have collapsible bowls, storage containers, and a dishrack. We are collectors of magnets, but our fridge was not magnetic. We found a magnetic adhesive chalkboard to apply to our fridge and it has been wonderful. For the inside of our fridge, we got liners and Camco fridge bars to secure items during travel. For our drawers and pantry, we bought some tubs and also utilized the fridge bars to keep things from falling during travel. We bought an unbreakable dinner set to avoid any damage while traveling. Our bathroom needed some extra storage space, so we bought an adhesive shower caddy for the wall. We got a shower tote to act as a storage bin while traveling and we also use it for going to campground showers. Extra command hooks were needed for towels when we had guests over. We got a shower drain cover to protect any hair from clogging. Our favorite toilet paper is Scotts Rapid Dissolving TP and we recommend having an RV toilet cleaner. We are in between brands right now for the cleaner. DampRid is used in the bathroom and also in closets to prevent any mildew. We bought a disposable toilet wand to make cleaning up easier. In our bedroom, we swapped the RV mattress with ours from home. We also used buckets to organize some of our clothes. For our garage, we invested in a wheel dock that doesn't screw in and a rubber mat for our Harley. 

Lastly, we found that separating the outside vs the inside works for us when packing up to leave and set up. Both of us know how to work each component of the rig, but we have found a system that works for us. When we first started this system we had a list on our phone of things to do and we would check to make sure they were all done, especially before leaving a campground. A friend recommended printing a list that you laminate and using an erasable marker to cross items off as you go. If you have seen the movie RV with Robin Williams, there are prime examples of what not to do! LOL! Before leaving the campsite we both do a couple of walkthroughs to make sure our steps are in, the awning is put away, chocks/wheel breaks out and all doors are locked. Another trick is labeling your slideout buttons to make it easier to navigate which of the 3 we are controlling. It takes some time to not be nervous about packing up and hooking up, but it gets easier as you go. We recommend not rushing while you are leaving a campground or setting up. Haste makes waste! 

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you enjoyed it. Good luck with your new RV and safe travels!

Get Larson Lost are 2022 Brand Ambassadors of Keystone RV Company. Follow their adventures while they travel in the Outback 335CG.